Jackie Weaver – Does the follow up remind you of the “Old Guard” at EDDC?

Jackie Weaver’s account of the follow up actions of the Handforth parish councillors, planning and environment meeting, sounded all too familiar to Owl.

Jackie Weaver: ‘Me, the Zoom bully? The men thought so’

 Extract from Alice Thomson’s interview  www.thetimes.co.uk

“……What many of us want to know is whether the men have grovelled for their rude behaviour. “What do you think?” she says, laughing. “Actually, they have made a formal complaint.” Really? Do they not realise that most of the country took her side? “They thought my behaviour was appalling. They thought I had bullied them, I treated them with disrespect, I had exceeded my powers, which makes me smile as I have their names etched on my heart and I won’t forget.”

The monitoring officer of Cheshire East council is investigating the complaint. “Hopefully, they will resolve it soon. I am not suspended, at least; they do have 23 years of experience of me, so I am not too worried.”

Weaver hopes that a formal complaint regarding the meeting will be resolved soon…”

One thought on “Jackie Weaver – Does the follow up remind you of the “Old Guard” at EDDC?

  1. This seems quite Trumpian to me.

    The Chairman refuses to follow rules and hold a meeting as he is required to. So two councillors call for one as they are entitled to and ask an experienced Clerk to organise it. When she does organise it, they put their fingers in their ears and refuse to acknowledge the legality, and disrupt the meeting, so she handles the disruption in a reasonable and proportionate way and moves forward with the meeting.

    BUT, the Chairman / Vice Chairman believe that they are in the right, simply ignoring facts which don’t fit with their fantasy and avoiding examining their own actions, and instead make a complaint based on “alternative facts”. How Trumpian is that?


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