Commenting on a planning application? Here’s some advice

A correspondent, interested in matters involving East Budleigh, sends this note of caution.

If you write a comment on a planning application to EDDC please, in your first sentence, say if your comment is neutral, in support or an objection.

Comments which are obviously objections have not included this and have been classified as “neutral”.

2 thoughts on “Commenting on a planning application? Here’s some advice

  1. Even under the new regime, it has happened..
    Questioned this in the past.
    Told ‘less experienced administrators’ enter the comments and don’t have time to read through each one and make a decision unless immediately obvious.
    Advice. Put it in subject line and right at start in main body of representation letter.
    “I support this application” or “I oppose this application.” Repeat it at end. Leave no room for any doubt.
    BUT, even then, in past, be aware that not all members of committee used to read these representations in full.
    Some still rely upon reading the officers’ executive summary just before the planning meeting. That gives officers’ recommendations for refusal or approval. Public comments have been summarised, by a “less experienced administrator”maybe?
    In past , doubt has been thrown upon whether that summary reflects strength of public concern, enthusiasm, anger or distrust.
    Worth checking. Maybe that’s changed.


  2. Even under the new regime? Should there also be a training scheme for officers who perhaps need some assistance with evolution?


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