Simon is backing Exmouth, which town are you backing Neil?

From yesterday’s posts (see here and here) we learn that Simon Jupp continues to back Exmouth as a candidate to receive funding from either: the levelling-up fund, or the UK shared prosperity fund; and  only last week lobbied his election campaign pal, the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, Robert Jenrick. (Eat your hearts out Cranbrook, Ottery, Sidmouth and Budleigh).

So, Neil Parish, which East Devon Town are you backing? Honiton, Axminster or Seaton? Perhaps you favour Mid-Devon and are rooting for Tiverton instead? 

As we come up to the County Council elections do drop Owl an email with your choice.

One thought on “Simon is backing Exmouth, which town are you backing Neil?

  1. Neil? Neil who? Oh yes, I remember him. I have no doubt he will be doing his little tour of promises as the election gets nearer.


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