Budget small print hides an awkward list of surprises – from ‘NHS cut’ to Brexit

Extract from Dan Bloom www.mirror.co.uk

Rishi Sunak today presented yet another £65billion of Covid support in his annual Budget.

The Chancellor extended most schemes until September and gave businesses another shot in the arm as they wait for a vaccine.

But all that help comes at a cost, and we’re not just talking about a hike in Corporation Tax.

A stealth tax hike on working Brits will raise £8bn a year and schemes could run out in September while 2million are still furloughed.

The Budget speech is always a triumphant affair, burying the awkward details to a few lines or none at all. To get a real feel for what’s going on, you must read the hundreds of pages of documents slipped out when the Chancellor sits down.

We’re still trawling through the mammoth pile of Budget documents, including analysis from the Office for Budget Responsibility watchdog (OBR). But here are the biggest surprises in the small print that have leaped out at us so far.

1. NHS spending overall looks set to be cut

2. Public spending could be ‘cut by £4bn a year’

3. 2million people ‘will still be on furlough’ just before it ends

4. Brexit will leave us worse off – it’s official

5. The self-employed face a hit earlier than expected

6. Massive firms could escape the Corporation Tax hike

7. New Stamp Duty cut won’t actually help first-time buyers

8. Stealth tax raid on working Brits will rake in £8bn a year

9. Eye-watering cost of the fuel duty freeze

10. We have no idea how much 95% mortgages will cost the nation

11. The Green Homes Grant looks to have been buried