Local Plan Consultation – should we see “running totals”?

From a correspondent

I see that EDDC are announcing ‘running totals’ regarding Local Plan consultation responses, three weeks before the consultation is over.   That can’t be right.    I’ve never seen that before.

I understand the desire to get people to respond to the consultation ( is everyone tired of these things, I wonder, and responses are not coming in?  ).   It is also a very lengthy document – not badly written but turgid, and therefore off-putting.    But I think announcing the score halfway through is very unusual.  We don’t want to break the usual conventions of a Local Plan before we even start:  that’s what went wrong last time!

It is possible that an inspector might declare the consultation invalid if the results are declared halfway through.

I’m probably being unnecessarily thin-skinned.   And it is very likely that I am getting too old…

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