Jenrick’s Newark constituency gets three “dibs” at the cash

Never mind Exmouth, at the election it was the thought that counted.

Anyone looking after Axminster?

Put it down to another “mutant” algorithm – Owl

Minister’s constituency gets three pots of cash

George Grylls Political Reporter The Times (paper edition Saturday)

Robert Jenrick’s constituency of Newark has been fast-tracked to receive tens of millions of pounds from all three of the government’s funds designed to tackle regional inequalities.

The town represented by the Conservative cabinet minister has received £25 million from the Towns Fund while also being prioritised for the £220 million Community Renewal Fund and the £4.8 billion Levelling Up Fund.

The constituency is the 357th most deprived in the UK, according to House of Commons data.

Labour has accused the government of engaging in “pork-barrel politics” after political scientists ran mathematical analyses showing that Conservative marginal seats were more likely to benefit from Towns Fund money.

Jenrick, the communities’ secretary, was responsible for selecting the 61 areas that could bid for money from the Towns Fund, but he has denied any role in choosing his own constituency despite video from the 2019 election showing him saying that he “helped to secure” the money.

Steve Reed, the shadow communities’ secretary, said: “This formula confirms fears that the Conservatives are funnelling money to richer areas and leaving poorer areas to sink.”

A spokesman for the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government said: “This analysis is deeply misguided and demonstrates a lack of awareness of the need to level up the country, as well as failing to take into account the need to correct historic underinvestment in small towns and regions across the UK. Ministers did not see a list of specific places before agreeing the list of metrics.”