Some good news for Exmouth at last – God of the sea summoned

A Devon based artist has created a magnificent sculpture of Neptune, god of the sea, currently on display in Exmouth. Zen Wood Design designed the sculpture, standing at 2m and 12ft, using materials including local driftwood, fir wood and docking blocks from Plymouth dock yard. 

Sam Sterrett 

Visit Radioexe site to view video

Zen Wood Design says after lockdown, they’ll bring him down to Exmouth beach for the public to look at. Writing on Facebook, they said: “Happy Friday Exmouth!!!

“Here he is! Standing at 2m and 12ft to the top of his trident, Neptune or Poseidon, it doesn’t matter. The piece is called ‘Old Gods Assemble’ this king of the sea is summoning the rest of the gang in Earths time of need.

I’ve used two reclaimed docking blocks from Plymouth dock yard and local driftwood for the head, trident and shield.”