South Somerset District Council lose “Finance Director”

This morning South Somerset District Council announced another resignation from the senior management team.

by Andrew Lee 

Yesterday we reported the resignation of Jo Nacy. Jo had been in post as S151 officer (Finance Director if you will) for just on a year. Cllr Peter Seib took issue with our reporting. He told us our report on her resignation “makes it sound like a scandal and recent. In SSDC’s case it is neither”. It may not be recent, we cannot comment on that. What we can say is that SSDC councillors were not informed until yesterday. In a circular email from Nicola Hix. Which if the resignation occurred some time ago, will have been disappointing.

The new s151 officer at SSDC will be Karen Watling. She joins SSDC “with a vast amount of local authority experience, and is looking forward to working with us all.” Which is exactly what Jo Nacy would have said a year ago.

Meanwhile this morning Alex Parmley announced the resignation of Martin Woods. Mr Woods has been nothing if not loyal having served the council since 1980. These days a rare and fine record of public service. Mr Woods is/was one of 6 directors of SSDC working directly with CEO Alex Parmley.

Confused situation in Somerset with regard to changes in senior officers – see also:

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