Beware Tories breaking “Purdah” rules and bearing gifts

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Truro Town Deal worth £23.6m announced a month before local elections

(Is Boris scheduled to visit Exmouth? – Owl)

A £23.6 million Deal for Truro will help transform Cornwall’s capital into a ‘Connected River City’ and support its vision of becoming a modern economic, cultural and green capital for its residents and the wider community by 2030 said PM Boris Johnson as he announced the funding today.

The Towns Deal money will go toward the creation of a ‘go to destination’ in Boscawen Park that will include a new ‘winter garden’.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“We are determined to level up across the entire country, and the Deal we’re announcing for Truro will help to unleash its tremendous potential.

Through a range of innovative projects including greener transport links and the restoration and renewal of spaces in the city centre, we will be able to rejuvenate the local economy, support businesses, boost connectivity and create new jobs.”

Further details of the Truro Towns Fund Deal:

  • Truro’s neglected waterfront and community spaces will be reinvigorated to create vibrant, attractive weather-proof and green event areas. This will include two new public spaces, cycle hire facilities, new ferry terminals with berthing facilities and pontoons, walkways/bridges/promenades and new spaces for 12 businesses.
  • A new Truro Community Hub will provide a ‘safe and welcoming’ space in Truro where people can get together, learn new skills, take part in activities and attend events. Truro currently has no central community hub or indoor events space. This will contribute to skills provision in the town and provide a much-needed space where there is currently no provision.
  • A green travel project will connect key locations around the town including its centre, Truro College, the Royal Cornwall Hospital and intervention sites, promoting new forms of travel and healthier lifestyles. A proposed bridge will improve connections between areas of the town currently isolated from one another.
  • The Hive will be a state-of-the-art building in the heart of Truro, providing a blueprint for how innovation, enterprise and education will weave together in the future. It will be part of the Pydar Development, a multi-million pound inclusive and sustainable urban development planned for the edge of Truro city centre.
  • The New Life for City Buildings project will aim to transform and regenerate unused, historic buildings in Truro city centre. It will improve access to and celebrate Truro’s heritage and culture offer through a transformation of The Royal Cornwall Museum alongside the launch of a scheme to enable the wider repurposing of Truro buildings ensuring spaces are future proofed for modern day use responding to a new economic landscape.
  • A ‘go-to destination’ will be created in Boscawen Park, already a popular park on the edge of the city. The project will provide Truro resident and visitors of all ages with new leisure and recreational opportunities across a range of indoor and outdoor facilities operated by local businesses. Building on Truro’s national reputation as a city of bloom, there will be a ‘winter garden’ horticultural showcase based on a partnership between Truro City Council, local and national horticultural businesses. The project will create up to 40 new jobs.

Mark Duddridge, Chair at Cornwall and Isles of Scilly LEP said:

“The award of £23.6 million for Truro, as the country begins to emerge from the restrictions of lockdown is a fantastic boost for Cornwall and the City. The environmentally sensitive development of the town will create welcome employment and will bring a new vibrancy to many areas of Truro.

This investment follows on from the redevelopment of the Hall for Cornwall, another project supported by the LEP, which together will reinforce Truro’s position as a centre for our creative industries.”

But commenting on the news, former Liberal Democrat MP (& candidate in the local CC elections), Andrew George said,

“Leaving aside that Mr Johnson’s statement is a clear and flagrant breach of election purdah rules, this is of course welcome.

“However, we’ve seen promises like this before, always ‘coincidentally’ in the lead-up to crucial elections.

“But none have materialised. take the then Tory PM’s promise to fund the Stadium for Cornwall in the lead-up to the 2015 General Election, or Mr Johnson’s promise to replace Cornwall’s lost Objective one money just before the last General Election, or Mr Johnson’s red bus promising an extra £350m a week for the NHS in the 2016 referendum. None of these promises have materialised.

“Congratulations should go to Liberal Democrat and Independent run Cornwall Council, Truro City Council and the local business and voluntary sector community of Truro for putting together such an impressive bid – and indeed to those in St Ives, Penzance and Camborne who have done the same. It’s just a pity the whole project is part of a cynical electoral game by the Conservatives.

“As the Good Law Project – which is currently taking the Government to court – has said “This could just be a coincidence. Or it could be an attempt to buy votes with public money”

“Mr Johnson is notorious for having a somewhat casual relationship with honesty and fact. So we will have to judge this promise when we see the colour of the taxpayers’ money he seems to be so free with at times when he’s anxious to garner votes.”