Straight fight between Libdems and Conservatives in Rockbeare EDDC by election.

Independent Progressive Councillor Kathy McLauchlan, who successfully obtained full council backing last October to end “sexist banter” and ditch a freeze on allowances for representatives on maternity leave, resigned at the end of February. 

Kathy McLauchlan won the Whimple and Rockbeare ward comfortably in May 2019, taking it from the Conservatives (702 votes to 234). 

In the 2011 election Martin Gammell won the seat for the Lib Dems but it was retaken by the Conservatives in 2015. A by-election followed in 2017 and Martin came within 36 votes of re-taking it.

Now it will be a straight contest between Richard Lawrence (Conservatives) and Todd Olive (Liberal Democrats). In EDDC the LibDems are part of the “Democratic Alliance”.

Whimple is the home of “uber” Conservative Sarah Randall-Johnson (see this post and many others) who not only is County Councillor for Broadclyst but is also on the Whimple Parish Council. SRJ epitomises the “Old Guard”, Whimple and Rockbeare deserve better than SRJ and her ilk.

Exeter candidate list for May elections

Daniel Clark

The candidates who will stand for election to Exeter City Council – plus several by-elections elsewhere in Devon – have been announced.

Voters will go to the polls on May 6 for the delayed 2020 local elections in Exeter, the full Devon County Council elections, as well as the delayed Police and Crime Commissioner elections, and by-elections in East Devon, South Hams, Mid Devon and Torbay.

Among those who are defending their seats in Exeter are Phil Bialyk, the Labour leader of the council, and Andrew Leadbetter, the leader of the Conservative opposition, and the Green Party and the Liberal Democrats have entered into an electoral arrangement where they will stand aside for each other in six wards.

In Exeter, each elected councillor would normally be appointed for a four year term, with a third of the 39 seats contested each year (one seat per ward), , but the newly elected councillors will instead only serve a three year term to ensure the return to the usual electoral cycle.

The 13 candidates whose seats will be up for grabs are those who gained the most votes in the 2016 elections, with Labour defending 10 seats, the Conservatives two, and Independents one.

Voters in the Mincinglake and Whipton will elected two councillors – with the person receiving the most votes serving a three year term and the runner-up a one year term – with a by-election also taking place following the death of a serving councillor.

The current make-up of the council is Labour (27), Conservative (6), Liberal Democrat (2), Independent (2), Green Party (1), Vacant (1), with Labour needing to win three of the 14 seats up for grabs to retain control of the council.

By-elections will take also place in the Whimple & Rockbeare Ward in East Devon, in the Castle, Taw and Westexe wards in Mid Devon, and in the Ivybridge West ward in the South Hams, with the winning candidates getting a two year term on the council.

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Below is the list of candidates who are standing, with the * denoting where they are the sitting councillor who is up for re-election.



Julyan Levy (Green Party)

Katherine New (Conservatives)

Rod Ruffle (Liberal Democrats)

Steve Warwick (Labour) *

Duryard and St James

Will Aczel (Liberal Democrats)

Bea Gare (Women’s Equality Party)

Aric Gilinsky (Conservatives)

Martin Pearce (Labour)


Phil Bialyk (Labour) *

Kayleigh Luscombe (Conservatives)

Jamie Lynde (Green Party)

Maya Skelton (Liberal Democrats)


Alfie Carlisle (Conservatives)

Barbara Denning (Labour)

Catherine Rees (Green Party)

Mincinglake and Whipton (2 seats due to one vacancy)

Naima Allcock (Labour)

David Barker-Hahlo (Green Party)

Edward Barradell (Conservatives)

Felix Breet (Liberal Democrats)

Emma Morse (Labour) *

Joseph Straker (Conservatives)

Newton and St Leonard’s

Richard Branston (Labour) *

Dan Grey (Green Party)

George Smith (Conservatives)


Samuel Barnett (Conservatives)

Zion Lights (Labour)

Nigel Williams (Liberal Democrats)


David Harvey (Labour) *

John Harvey (Conservatives)

Henry Mayall (Liberal Democrats)

Lynn Wetenhall (Green Party)


Alys Martin (Labour) *

Joel Punwani (Liberal Democrats)

Charles Russett (Green Party)

James Taghdissian (Conservatives)

St Thomas

Ashley Carr (Conservatives)

Adrian Fullam (Liberal Democrats)

Rob Hannaford (Labour) *

Paul Mouland (Independent)

Frankie Rufolo (For Britain Movement)

St Davids

Arden Foster-Spink (Conservatives)

Amy Sparling (Green Party)

Carol Whitton (Labour)

St Loye’s

Jack Eade (Green Party)

Olwen Foggin (Labour) *

Debbie Frayne (For Britain Movement)

Anne Jobson (Conservatives)

Kris Mears (Liberal Democrats)


Christine Campion (Liberal Democrats)

Ivan Jordan (Labour)

Andrew Leadbetter (Conservatives) *

Jon Mills (Green Party)


Whimple and Rockbeare

Richard Lawrence (Conservatives)

Todd Olive (Liberal Democrats)



Richard Cornley (Labour)

Jason Lejeune (Independent)

Elizabeth Slade (Conservative)

David Wulff (Liberal Democrats)


Peter Heal (Conservatives)

Mark Wooding (Liberal Democrats)


Stephen Bush (Independent)

Claire Hole (Independent)

Adrian Howell (Independent)

Samuel James (Labour)

Stephen Pugh (Conservatives)

Rosie Wibberley (Green Party)


Ivybridge West

Louise Jones (Conservatives)

Tony Rea (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)

Katie Reville (Green Party)