Is a party that sells police stations to criminals so very tough on crime? 

“..Let one anecdote stand in for the bigger picture. The Tories sold half the magistrates’ courts and more than a third of county courts in England and Wales between 2010 and 2020, and about 600 police stations. The same government is engaged in a screeching U-turn today and trying to deal with the tens of thousands of Covid-delayed trials by opening “Nightingale courts”, although I doubt that Florence Nightingale would have sent the lowliest British soldier in Crimea to our fetid prisons.

Bewildered detectives reported to former chief crown prosecutor Nazir Afzal that a police station in the north-west was included in the fire sale and an organised crime group bought it. The gang run it as a pizza restaurant and a front for the distribution of drugs – “extra toppings”. Afzal tells me police intelligence heard the gangsters “crowing” about getting one over on their old adversaries….” (extract)

Full article here: Nick Cohen 

One thought on “Is a party that sells police stations to criminals so very tough on crime? 

  1. I used to be independent custody visitor in Tamworth, Staffordshire. While I was doing that the custody suite in Tamworth was closed to save money. That meant that anybody who was arrested had to be taken to Burton on Trent, a journey that takes about half an hour on a good day. We pointed out that the result was that two officers would be taken out of the Tamworth area for at least an extra hour if they arrested anybody. It made no difference. The Police station in Tamworth has now been closed completely, as have the magistrates’ courts.
    It’s time that the population as a whole accepted that things that keep our society working, safe and enjoyable must be paid for. That inevitably means that we have to pay taxes. As a start, there should be a concentrated effort to collect taxes from businesses that divert profits to low tax jurisdictions and to catch up with people who search for and find ways to avoid paying tax. On a local level, any warehouse that exists to provide retail services in part or in whole directly to the public should pay business rates at the same level as a shop of similar size. We’re told that billionaires’ have increased their wealth over the past year by an extraordinary amount. How many of them will pay any tax on that acquired wealth, let alone an appropriate amount?
    Unfortunately the present government seems more interested in lining the pockets of its supporters and friends than in looking after the bulk of the population.


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