‘Architect of austerity’ used Greensill jets to travel to £120k an hour speaking gigs

David Cameron used private jets owned by Greensill Capital to fly around the world for speaking engagements, the Financial Times has revealed.


The former Prime Minister, known as the architect of austerity, would frequently use the “plushy furnished aeroplanes” to travel around the world.

According to the reports he charged at least £120,000 an hour for speaking engagements, a handsome sum which has stuck in the craw of many people on social media this weekend.

Austerity in Britain

Cameron and chancellor George Osborne popularised austerity in Britain after coming to power in the aftermath of the financial crisis.

In his keynote speech to the Conservative Party forum in Cheltenham on 26 April 2009 Cameron declared that “the age of irresponsibility is giving way to the age of austerity” and committed to end years of what he characterised as excessive government spending.

The austerity programme included reductions in welfare spending, the cancellation of school building programs, reductions in local government funding, and an increase in VAT.

Spending on the police, courts and prisons was also reduced.