Tory chief knew £58,000 donation was for Boris Johnson’s Downing Street flat

Number 10 makeover scandal: New leaked memo shows Conservative Party chief knew £58,000 donation was earmarked for Boris Johnson’s Downing Street flat.

  • New evidence of how Tories used £58,000 to renovate PM’s Downing Street flat
  • Leaked emails show Tory co-chairman was told in October money was for refit
  • Lord Brownslow told the Conservatives he was giving two donations to them
  • One gift of £15,000 was to be given for general party funds, the email disclosed
  • A second donation of £58,000 was to pay for new decor for Boris Johnson

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……“Dramatic new evidence of the way the Tories used nearly £60,000 of party funds on a lavish makeover of Boris Johnson’s Downing Street flat emerged last night

This was duly declared to the Electoral Commission watchdog, in accordance with transparency rules.

Crucially, the email, also sent to Conservative chief executive Darren Mott, shows a second donation of £58,000 was to pay for new decor for Mr Johnson and fiancee Carrie Symonds’s flat at 11 Downing Street.

This has not yet been declared to the Electoral Commission.

The £58,000 was to cover an identical amount secretly paid months earlier by Tory HQ for the refurbishment, including expensive wallpaper – in an attempt to disguise it.

The email appears to prove that the Tories planned to claim the £58,000 was paid not by Lord Brownlow but by a ‘soon to be formed Downing St Trust’ that did not exist – and still doesn’t, officially.”….