Alison Hernadez campaigns with Tory council candidates and a posse of phantom Police

Alison Hernandez has been seen out and about campaigning with local Tory Council candidates. She must also have been accompanied by a posse of phantom Police because she sees them “everywhere” she goes. 

So the Tories are playing the “law and order ticket” hard, as they frequently do.

With all the stories of sleaze and “chumocracy” swirling around; and after Cumming’s Durham Dash and Robert Jenrick bolting to his Hereford mansion a year ago during lockdown, you couldn’t make it up. Gamekeepers and poachers come to mind. – Owl

From Martin Shaw’s blog (defending his County division of Seaton and Colyton):

Is this a spoof account? ‘Everywhere I go I see the police’, says Alison Hernandez as she finally turns up in Seaton: ‘Visibility has begun’.

Posted on April 21, 2021 

I don’t normally reproduce Conservative propaganda, but their local candidates Marcus Hartnell and Ian Hall must be squirming with embarrassment today after the police commissioner, Alison Hernandez – last spotted in Seaton in September 2016 (!) – turned up for election photo-ops with them.

The hapless Hernandez tweeted about her visit, ‘Everywhere I go I see the police’, and even continued, ‘Visibility has begun …’ . Let’s hope that this doesn’t mean that police were bused from all over Devon for a party-political event. Since the wider Seaton area has been reduced to one Police Constable and one Police Community Support Officer, it would have been simply impossible for her to have seen police ‘everywhere’ on a normal day.

Hernandez’ claims will be greeted with derision, if not anger, by people in the Colyford and Seaton Down Hill areas, who have been trying to get police enforcement of speed limits for years now. The police have been all but invisible locally throughout Hernandez’ term – time for her to go.