One thought on “Boris Johnson fails social care again with just 9 words in Queen’s Speech – and no plan

  1. Can anyone actually name a time that Boris has actually had a plan?

    He didn’t have a plan to deal with Covid when it was needed despite having heard about China and having advice from the scientists.

    He didn’t have a plan when we needed to lock down because he didn’t have the previous plan.

    He changed his mind lots of times on what rules were needed because he didn’t have either of the above plans.

    He didn’t have a plan for his own safety from Covid19 when everyone else was wearing masks and social distancing – and so he caught it.

    He didn’t even use his time whilst recovering to create a plan having had the worst possible reminder (near death) of how important such plans are.

    He didn’t have a plan for unlocking at the end of the first lockdown.

    He didn’t have any sort of plan when he went against all scientific advice and did the lunacy of Eat Out to Help Out – this precipitating a second wave.

    Despite the fiasco of the first wave, he didn’t have a plan for the second wave either – avoiding a fire-break over the autumn half-term, delaying the second lockdown and creating a much worse situation as a consequence.

    In short, Boris is not a “think it out logically with best advice, then create a plan, and then execute and stick to the plan” type of guy – he is much more concerned with how he appears and makes decisions at the time based on public opinion rather than the science. He is NOT the buffoon personality he tries to portray – he is a deeply selfish person, with a nasty angry streak when things don’t go his way, who will try to blame everyone else rather than take responsibility for his own shortcomings.


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