Sidmouth Town Council has Excelled itself

Stephen Pemberton has sent Owl the text of his letter, as recently published, in the Sidmouth Herald.

[Owl thinks it shows “counter-intuitive” attitudes to late night noise between Exmouth and Sidmouth.]

“Sidmouth Town Clerk, The Leader and Sidmouth Town Councillors have excelled themselves.

They have allowed the proposed Sidmouth Jazz and Blues Festival in June 2022 to apply for a drink and entertainment license from midnight until 2.30am each morning of the week.

This is a residential area.

Recent years has seen events on The Ham close by 9.30pm, and be placed at the sea end of The Ham, except the Folk Festival which ends and is cleared by 11.00pm, and the Fun Fair.

All this continues decades long lack of consideration of the needs of local residents. It compounds a recent imposition of groundworks which falsely claims it has the Agreement of Glenisla Terrace residents, and the sudden (despite assurance by the Town Clerk as to otherwise) removal of the shielding of trees and bushes for some of the houses from The Ham playground.

Events on The Ham are why many residents moved here: complete disregard for residents’ needs and of reasonable behaviour perpetuates the long held poor reputation of Sidmouth Town Council and how it is run, apparently again with complete disregard for local residents.”

Stephen Pemberton