Breaking News: EDDC Chair changes hands at Annual Meeting

Owl understands that Cllr Cathy Gardner wanted to step down as Chair of EDDC and did not seek re-election.

Two nominations were proposed to take her place: Cllr Ian Thomas, Independent (formally Conserative ) and Cllr Andrew Moulding, Conservative. Cllr Thomas won. Votes were by a show of hands and Owl doesn’t have precise figures.

Two nominations were proposed for Vice Chair. Present incumbent Cllr Val Ranger, East Devon Democratic Alliance and Cllr Mike Howe, Conservative. Cllr Val Ranger was re-elected (by something like 31 votes to 23).

Two nominations were proposed for Leader. Present incumbent Cllr Paul Arnott, East Devon Democratic Alliance, and Cllr Colin Brown, Conservative. Cllr Paul Arnott was re-elected, but Owl doesn’t have precise figures.

The re-elected Leader confirmed Cllr Paul Hayward would continue as Deputy Leader.

From the meeting Agenda, there appears, unusually, to have been no contests for the other posts such as to outside bodies which are elected at this meeting.