Still waiting ….but chasing; and will Cummings help our case today? – Dr Cathy Gardner

 Help me hold the government to account for Covid-19 care home deaths

At the end of March Cathy Gardner wrote this update on her legal challenge:

“It seems like a lifetime ago that we were granted permission for the Judicial Review. That was on November 19th 2020. At the time, the government’s legal team were arguing against an early court date, which could have been this spring. Since then my legal team have been following up with the court to get a date for the hearing, with no success. We’re now pushing harder because it seems that the delay is now due to the court backlog.

Hopefully I’ll be able to update this page with a date very soon. It still seems likely that the hearing will be later this year, which is frustrating for me and all those affected by the issues in this case. Meanwhile the call for an independent public inquiry is growing louder too. We need to hold our government to account. With your help I have been able to bring this case and with your continued support I know we will get there.”

Thank you


Owl has long held the view that “kicking the case into the long grass” may not be to the Government’s advantage. Cathy Gardner obviously thinks the same. Here is another update:

Will Cummings help our case today? – Dr Cathy Gardner

“We will be watching todays hearing with great interest. Dominic Cummings has already hinted at some explosive revelations, including the failure to protect the most vulnerable in care homes. 

We will issue a full update once we have had a chance to digest what he says and its implications for my judicial review. 

Coincidentally we have also just received the defendants ‘defence’ documents, which seem to be attempting to bury my legal team in irrelevant waffle and rewrite history with the benefit of hindsight. 

We remain focussed on the key questions in our claim – who made the critical decisions and why? In the first weeks of the pandemic over 50% of the deaths were residents in care homes. People like my father were not protected: where was Matt Hancock’s infamous “protective ring”?

Thank you for your support, I cannot do this without all of you.”



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