Dorset National Park Team – Summer newsletter

Features articles on

  • The Dorset & East Devon National Park Proposal being considered by Natural England later his year
  • The Background and Opportunities for the Nation and for Dorset & East Devon
  • Some Questions Answered
  • How the National Park family promotes a collective vision.
  • News from the South Downs National Park
  • Passing on our Heritage to Future Generations.

Read the newsletter here.

Owl has already drawn attention to:

This interesting detail in the newsletter: National Parks are not subject to central housing targets. Neither would the whole of the Dorset Council and East Devon Council areas be subject to such targets since planning law enables the partner local planning authority and the National Park to develop a local approach to determining the housing need for their areas. So did the EDDC “Old Guard” regime, fearing they would lose control, never bother to read the small print?

Owl also noted: the immediate priorities Natural England has established to meet the Government’s aim that 30% of the country should be protected and improved for nature by 2030. Is EDDC working in step with this?

The sooner we learn whether the Glover proposal for a combined Dorset and East Devon National Park is going to get the approval of Natural England the better.