‘New towns’ and 10,000 plus homes for Devon

More than 350 sites have been put forward for potential development across East Devon – including three potential ‘new towns or villages’.

When the value of agricultural land can increase by as much as 100%, with planning permission, are we surprised to see such a long list? Gaining planning permission must be like winning the lottery like. Me, me, me.

Owl notes from the latest Dorset National Park Team’s newsletter: National Parks are not subject to central housing targets. Neither would the whole of the Dorset Council and East Devon Council areas be subject to such targets since planning law enables the partner local planning authority and the National Park to develop a local approach to determining the housing need for their areas. So did the EDDC “Old Guard” regime, fearing they would lose control, never bother to read the small print?

Owl also notes: the immediate priorities Natural England has established to meet the Government’s aim that 30% of the country should be protected and improved for nature by 2030. Is EDDC working in step with this?

The sooner we learn whether the Glover proposal for a combined Dorset and East Devon National Park is going to get the approval of Natural England the better.

Daniel Clark www.devonlive.com

East Devon District Council received a total of 359 site submissions as part of the Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) process ahead of the review of the Local Plan which is under way.

Of the 359, 194 of those are ‘new’ sites, while 165 were previously submitted to the council in 2017 when a call for sites as part of the now defunct Greater Exeter Strategic Plan process.

The call for sites provided the opportunity for individuals and organisations to submit sites that they think have the potential to be developed for housing, economic or other uses, and officers have started the process of reviewing these sites ready for assessment work to commence

Among the submissions were three different proposals for new settlements, in the west end of the district – with a Clyst Valley Garden village on land south of Clyst St Mary and Clyst St George, land around Denbow Farm between the A30 and the A3052, and a site between Crealy Adventure Park and Greendale Business Park known as ‘Greenbrook’.

No decisions have yet been made as to the amount and location of development, but East Devon District Council’s strategic planning committee on Tuesday heard that the amount of development attributed to existing settlements will aim to be broadly consistent with the settlement hierarchy – although a future committee meeting would be asked to discuss a revised settlement hierarchy.

And the committee meeting also heard that residents across East Devon have been left split over how development should take place, the number and location of new homes to be built in the district, and if another ‘Cranbrook-style new town’ should be built, leaving no consensus among what residents wanted.

Ed Freeman, service lead for planning strategy and development management, told the committee that a more ‘West End’ focused approach to new housing development was the most popular, with 31 per cent of responses, closely followed by 27 per cent supporting the existing strategy, which would still see most new homes being built at the West End, but 16 per cent supported less focus on the West End and more homes at towns and villages elsewhere in the district.

He added: “Those settlements with a higher population, a greater range and number of jobs, community facilities and shops, better connectivity, and serving a wide area, will be placed at the top of the settlement hierarchy. Other, smaller settlements have fewer jobs and facilities, and therefore perform a more local but still important role – these settlements will be grouped lower down the hierarchy.

“The amount of development to be attributed to existing settlements will aim to be broadly consistent with the settlement hierarchy, however, factors such as district-wide housing and employment requirement, environmental constraints, sustainability appraisals, land availability, infrastructure requirements and viability will also be considered in identifying the amounts of housing and employment development at each settlement.

“Once these factors are considered, decisions can be made as to whether to focus more development close to Exeter in the western quadrant of the district, have a more even distribution across the western quadrant and existing settlement, or disperse development more widely to existing towns and villages across East Devon with less in the western quadrant.

“If a close to Exeter/western quadrant focussed approach is preferred, given the constraints elsewhere, particularly the area of AONB, this will likely mean one or more new settlements in the western part of the district.”

Councillors had previously heard that the north-west quadrant of the district, between the north of Exmouth and west of Ottery St Mary, was the least constrained part of the district for accommodating growth and would be the ‘logical’ location for any growth to take place.

No decision as to whether a new town, a series of new villages, or expanding existing villages would be the preferred option for development has yet been taken, with the villages of Poltimore, Huxham, Clyst St Mary, Clyst St George, Ebford, West Hill, Woodbury, Woodbury Salterton, Exton and Farringdon would be most likely to be included as ones that could be expanded further, based on them being in the quadrant and close to existing infrastructure.

The first potential ‘new town’ would be for a new ‘garden village’ on land around Clyst St Mary and Clyst St George. The site has been submitted as part of the HELAA process, and maps show that the site would extend to the north of the existing Clyst St George settlement to around where Winslade Park currently lies, before expanding out to the east towards Crealy Adventure Park, as well as out from the east of Clyst St George towards Woodbury Salterton.

The second proposal for a new town is at Denbow Farm. That scheme, which was also suggested during GESP, covers a large area of 660 hectares largely of rolling farmland extending from the A30 to the A3052, before adjoining the Hill Barton industrial area to the south.

It covers the parishes of Clyst Honiton, Sowton, Farringdon, Aylesbeare and could see 10,000 homes built, as well as employment land provided, and could deliver a new route connecting the A30 to the A3052, a self-sufficient, mixed-use garden community and it could deliver a regional hub for sports.

The third is on land south of the A3052 between the Greendale Business Park and Crealy Adventure Park – the proposed ‘Greenbrook’ development. The map shows that the entirety of the land between the two sites is included, with it also stretching slightly further south towards the edge of Woodbury Salterton.

As part of the Local Plan consultation, suggestions had also been made that ‘one or more’ new towns should be developed, including land at Axehayes, west of Hill Barton Business Park, Clyst Valley Garden Village in vicinity of Clyst St George, at Denbow Farm, and along the M5 between Cullompton and Cranbrook all being mentioned, as well as a whole new town redevelopment on the Smeatharpe Airfield site.

But other responses said Cranbrook shows that the new town approach does not work as the promised amenities have not happened, that sites on the edge of towns with limited environmental constraints that do not require major new infrastructure should be prioritised, and that a joint plan with Exeter should be produced covering Cranbrook and the West End with numbers kept separate from the remainder of East Devon, to reflect that this area is meeting Exeter’s housing need.

And other concerns raised were that as the AONB largely prevents development outside the western part of the district, it may be necessary to expand to expand some towns and villages in AONB if there are no alternatives, while the plan needs to take into account new development just outside East Devon’s boundary, such as the large expansion in Chard and Bridport, in Somerset and Dorset respectively.

Mr Freeman also added that ‘unmet need’ from neighbouring authorities was something that East Devon would have to take into account when revising the Local Plan.

He said that in their response, Dorset Council had said that as there were limited opportunities in Lyme Regis, which is adjacent to the Devon border, to meet needs for affordable homes and employment, there needs to be a consideration of opportunities in the vicinity to help meet the needs and sites in East Devon well related to the town may be more suitable than sites in Dorset.

And Torbay Council had advised the GESP that Torbay is unlikely to accommodate its standard method of 586 homes per year beyond 2030, and therefore the East Devon Local Plan needs to take account of neighbouring needs as part of ongoing consideration of cross boundary needs, with East Devon already meeting a substantial part of Exeter’s need which will continue.

Mr Freeman said: “We are bound by duty to cooperate and that is an issue we will have to address. We don’t have to accept what they are saying or their needs, but these areas have raised it as an issue.”

He added: “The HELAA process is about what can be delivered or achieved on the sites, not whether they are suitable, and which sites are to be allocated is for you to discuss following advice from the HELAA panel and officers.

“While brownfields are desirable, they have their own constraints and these kinds of issues can add to the costs of developing them, but we do agree with the principle of bringing them forward first and they should come forward through the process.”

The committee were told by chairman Cllr Dan Ledger that Tuesday’s meeting was not one where discussion of any individual sites should be raised, but Cllr Eleanor Rylance said that the West End of East Devon is ‘not a desert’ and is a collection of villages that already have been swamped by development.

Cllr Philip Skinner added: “If we don’t allow some development in the villages in which we live, then they will wither on the vine. It can be difficult to understand the balance going forward, but the villages want to see a little bit of housing, but not 50 houses and neighbourhood plans with villages are vital for how we go forward with the plan process.”

Cllr Jess Bailey asked whether communities which have experienced vast levels of developments would have that taken into account when looking at future development.

But Mr Freeman said that it could be looked at, but was difficult as East Devon is trying to focus growth in sustainable locations.

He said: “The areas that didn’t last time have much development probably was because they weren’t considered sustainable so unless they have become sustainable, I don’t think we can distribute growth to them just because they didn’t last time, and it may mean it has to go in the areas that they went last time.

“But I understand that may be difficult for communities to accept, and if they keep delivering growth to the areas, then further growth may not be sustainable.”

A further report on the strategy for development will come to a future strategic planning committee meeting, with the Strategic Planning Committee agreeing to note the various issues and options relating to the strategy for the distribution of development in the emerging Local Plan, the feedback report and the consultation responses received to the Local Plan issues and options report, and for a HELAA panel meeting to be held, with them to operate in an advisory capacity, making use of their specialist knowledge to advise on ‘achievability’ of the proposed sites.

Not all sites will be deliverable or achievable, nor will progress to the stage where they are consulted on with the public as part of the issues and options consultation to be run at a later date

HELAA submission Site Address Site Postcode 1 Land lying to the south of Knights Lane, All Saints, Axminster (Gated access between the properties of Pendle and Spindlewood) EX13 7LS 2 Land At Smallridge, Axminster, Devon EX13 7JJ 3 Land at Church Hill, Awliscombe, Devon, EX14 3GB EX14 3GB 4 Land on the south and west side Hillcrest, Awliscombe, Honiton EX14 3NU 5 Land North of Shoals, Musbury Road, Axminster, Devon EX13 8TQ 6 Land adjacent to Fire Station at Lyme Close, Axminster EX13 5BA 7 Land at Kings Farm, Woodbury Lane, Axminster EX13 5TL 8 Land at Green Lane, Raymonds Hill, Axminster. EX13 5TD 9 Axminster Carpets Factory Site, Woodmead Road, Axminster EX13 5PG 10 Land off Wyke Lane, Axminster, Devon EX13 5TL 11 Great Jackleigh Farm, Axminster EX13 8TN 12 Scott Rowe Building, Axminster Hospital, Chard Street, Axminster EX13 5DU 13 Land on the south east side of Axminster

14 Land at Lea Combe, Field End, Axminster EX13 5BD 15 Axe Cliff Golf Club Squires Lane Seaton EX12 4AB 16 Land south of Chapel Street, Axmouth, Seaton, Devon EX12 4BT 17 Land south west of Stepps Lane, Axmouth, Seaton, Devon EX12 4AS 18 Land at Stedcombe Vale, Axmouth, Seaton, Devon EX12 4BJ 19 Land on the north side of Shute Road (Gapemouth Corner), Kilmington, Axminster

20 Land to the south of Stepps Lane, Dowlands, Rousdon DT7 3XP 21 Land adjacent bramble mead and north of Withen Lane Aylesbeare EX52BX 22 Land Part Halls Farm, Aylesbeare

23 New Nutwalls, Harp Lane, Aylesbeare EX5 2JL 24 Land on the outskirts of Aylesbeare near the chestnuts

25 Land adjoining New Nutwalls, Harp Lane, Aylesbeare

26 Land on the outskirts of Aylesbeare near the Old School EX5 2BY 27 Land adjoining New Nutwalls

28 Land at Houndbeare Farm, Rockbeare Hill – to the south west of ‘Ferndale’ EX5 2EZ 29 Land at Oaklands Field, north of Martins Gate, Sidmouth Road, Aylesbeare

30 Land to the west of Barton Farm, Aylesbeare

31 Land adjacent to Bramble Mead and Withen Lane Ex52bx 32 Barton Farm, Village Way Aylesbeare EX5 2FF 33 Land off village way Aylesbeare EX5 2BY 34 Land at Houndbeare Farm, Rockbeare Hill EX5 2EZ 35 Part South Down Farm, Common Hill, Beer EX12 3AH 36 Land to the west of Cott Mead, north side of the road EX12 3BH 37 Field forming part of Cotte Barton Farm EX12 3BH 38 Land at Deems, Branscombe, Seaton EX123BG 39 Land Adjacent to Langaton Lane EX1 3SL 40 Land Adjacent To Sandycote, Honiton Road, Blackhorse, Clyst Honiton EX5 2AN 41 Land at Heathfield (Southeast of Woodbury View), Broadclyst EX5 3HL 42 Brock Hill House, Station Road, Broadclyst EX5 3AR 43 Land at Brockhill, Station Road, Broadclyst, Exeter EX5 3AR EX5 3AR 44 Land on the west side of Station Road, Broadclyst EX5 3AZ 45 Land at Langaton Lane, Pinhoe, Exeter, East Devon EX1 3TX 46 Land at Mosshayne Lane, Pinhoe, Exeter, East Devon EX1 3TR 47 Land adjoining Killenaule, Clyst Honiton, Exeter EX5 2AN 48 Land at Church Lane, Broadclyst EX5 3EL 49 Land to the south east of Pitmans Farm, Dulford – (Easting 307064, Northing 105814) EX15 2ED 50 Orchard Cross Paddocks, Dulford EX152EG 51 Land at Causeway End EX14 3LW 52 Causeay End, Broadhembury EX14 3LR 53 The Old Orchard, Broadhembury, Devon NK 54 Land to the North of Lucerne Road from Colliton Cross to Haskins Cross, Luton, Payhembury EX14 3HZ 55 Land South of the Vicarage, Broadhembury, Devon, EX14 3FF. EX14 3FF 56 Land at Barn Lane, Knowle, Budleigh Salterton EX9 6QW 57 Land at Barn Lane, Budleigh Salterton

58 The Old Orchard, Halse Hill, EX9 6AD 59 Little Knowle, Budleigh Salterton

60 Budleigh Salterton Community Hospital, East Budleigh Road, Budleigh Salterton, Devon EX9 6HF 61 Land opposite Clay Steps, Chardstock EX13 7DA 62 Chubbs Yard, Chardstock, Axminster EX13 7BT 63 Land off Green Land, Chardstock, Nr. Axminster, Devon EX13 7BH EX13 7BH 64 Approximately 10.5 acres – Clyst Road, Topsham

65 Land at Clyst Road, Clyst St Mary, East Devon EX2 7JP EX2 7JP 66 Land to the west side of Blue Ball, Sandygate, Exeter EX2 7JL EX2 7JL 67 Land to the rear of Barley Way, Ebford (Land adjacent to the A376} (A) EX3 0OX 68 Land to rear of Barley Way, Ebford (land adjacent to the A376) (B) EX3 0QX 69 Land at Branscombe Farm, lower side of Ebford Lane, Ebford EX3 0QX 70 6.3 acres off Old Ebford Lane and Lower Lane in Ebford, East Devon

71 Approximately 20.3 acres fronting Clyst Road, Topsham

72 Old Winslade Farm, Clyst St Mary, Exeter EX5 1AS 73 Court Farm, Clyst St George, Exeter EX3 0NP 74 Approximatly 7.5 acres east of Clyst Road, Topsham

75 Land at Odhams Wharf, Ebford (A) EX3 0PD 76 Land at Odhams Wharf, Ebford (B) EX3 0PD 77 Darts Farm EX30QH 78 Approximatly 19 acres west and east of Clyst Road, Topsham, Devon

79 Land adjoining Darts Farm EX30QH 80 Land to the north of Ebford Lane, Ebford EX3 0QU 81 Land opposite Clyst St George Church, Clyst St George EX3 0RF 82 Land at Addlepool Farm, north and south of the Woodbury Road, Clyst St George unknown 83 Land east of Kingston House, Ebford Lane, Ebford EX3 0QX 84 Clyst Valley Garden Village, Land to the south and east of Clyst St Mary and Clyst St George

85 Bypass Site, Clyst Honiton, Devon EX5 2NH 86 Land at Clyst Honiton, Clystside Road EX5 2LX 87 Land south of P&R Autos, Clyst Honiton EX5 2HR 88 P&R Autos, Road from Little Hill Cottage to Marlborough Farm, Clyst Honiton EX5 2HR 89 Axehayes Farm, Clyst St Mary, Nr. Exeter EX5 1DP 90 Land to north (Phase 1) of Exeter International Airport, Exeter, Devon, (37.51 acres) EX5 2BD 91 Land adjacent Park Close, Clyst Hydon EX15 2NE 92 Hardy’s Paddock, Colaton Raleigh

93 Land to north of Treetops, Hawkerland, Aylesbeare. EX5 2JS 94 Alpine Park Cottages, Exmouth Road, Aylesbeare EX5 2LF 95 Land adjacent the Old Sawmill, Colaton Raleigh

96 Land to the West of Fair View Lane, Colyford

97 Land at Hillhead, Colyton

98 Land adjacent Fair View Lane, Colyton

99 Whitwell Lane, Colyford EX24 6HN 100 Land to the north of Colyford

101 Land to the south of Colyford

102 Land to the East of Fair View Lane, Colyford

103 Land adjoining Clay Lane, Colyton

104 Land on the east side of Apple Orchard, Hillhead, Colyton

105 Land adjoining Misbourne , Seaton Road colyford (Franklin acre) Ex24 6qw 106 Land west of Coly Road, Colyford EX24 6RJ 107 Clarkham Cottages Swan Hill Road Colyford Devon EX24 6QF 108 Land and Buildings at Three Mariners Farm, Cotleigh EX14 9HP 109 Land west of Cranbrook New Town – allocated in the Local Plan already EX5 2 110 Land at Lower Cobden Farm, Whimple EX5 2PZ 111 Land North of Louis Way, Dunkeswell EX14 4XT 112 Broomfields Dunkeswell EX144QH 113 Land off Frogmore Road, East Budleigh

114 Land at bottom of Bapton Lane, Exmouth between 14 Bapton Lane EX8 3JT and Cats Motel Bapton Farm EX8 3JT None 115 Douglas Gardens, Exmouth

116 Littleham Fields, Exmouth

117 Land to the South of Courtlands lane, Exmouth EX8 3NZ 118 Land off Marley Road, Exmouth EX8 5QB 119 Green Farm Buildings, Exmouth

120 Land at South Lodge, St Johns Road, Exmouth EX8 5EG 121 Land off Capel Lane, Exmouth

122 Land to the rear of Elm Lane, Exmouth

123 Land to the South of Littleham, Exmouth

124 Land directly to the east of Liverton Business Park, Exmouth

125 Land adjacent to Upper Deck, Gore Lane, Sandy Bay, Exmouth EX8 5BZ 126 Land at St.John’s, Exmouth

127 Wares farm, Clyst Honiton Exeter EX5 2BL 128 Land at Waldrons Farm, Sidmouth Road, Farringdon, Exeter, EX5 2JX EX5 2JX 129 Land south of the Sidmouth Rd EX5 2JU 130 Land lying west of Ottery Road, Feniton

131 Land and buildings at Burland Mead, Feniton, Honiton EX14 3BS 132 Land Adjoining To The West Of Beechwood, Station Road, Feniton, Honiton EX14 3ED; and Land Lying To The Southeast Of Beechwood, Feniton, Honiton (Part) EX14 3ED 133 Land adjacent to Louvigny Close, South of Station Road, Feniton, Devon N/A 134 Land at Sherwood Cross, Feniton

135 Westlades, Feniton, EX14 3ED 136 Land to north (Phase 2) of Exeter International Airport, Exeter, Devon (18.34 acres) EX5 2BD 137 Land at Treasbeare Farm (Cranbrook south western extension area)

138 Land at Till House Farm, Broadclyst (Cranbrook)

139 Land to the south of London Road, Rockbeare. EX5 2EF 140 Land to the north of Hazel Grove

141 Land to the East of Rockbeare village, Exeter EX5 2EL 142 Land at Lowbook, Rockbeare, Exeter EX5 2EL 143 Land to the south of London Road, Cranbrook (A)

144 Land to the south of London Road, Cranbrook (B)

145 Land at Higher Cobden Farm, Whimple EX5 2PZ 146 Land adjacent to Sidmouth Road, Ottery St Mary NA 147 Slade Farm, Ottery St Mary, Devon. EX11 1QN 148 Church Path Field, Land East of Bylands, Slade Road , Ottery St Mary EX11 1QN 149 Approximatly 68 acres at Ridgeway and Littlewell, Ottery St Mary

150 Land East of Honiton, Northcote Hill, Honiton EX14 4PR 151 Land to the north of Long Lane, Exeter, East Devon (29 acres of green field land) EX5 2BD 152 Land to the East & North of the Hampton by Hilton Hotel, Long Lane, Exeter Airport, Exeter, Devon EX5 2LJ 153 Land to the east of Exeter International Airport, Long Lane, Clyst Honiton, Exeter EX5 2BD 154 Land to the south of Long Lane, Exeter, East Devon (20.75 acres of greenfield land) EX5 2BD 155 Land at Exeter Airport, South of the A30

156 Land at Denbow Farm N/A 157 Land to the north of the A3052 and to the west of Yeo Business Park and Hill Barton Industrial Estate (known as land at Axehayes). EX5 1DP. 158 Land to the North of A3052 between Cat and Fiddle and Devon County Showground, Sidmouth Road, Clyst St Mary

159 Land at Coxes Farm, Sidmouth Rd, Clyst St Mary, Exeter EX5 1DN 160 Land at Hill Pond, Clyst St Mary EX5 1DP 161 Hill Pond Caravan and Camping, Clyst St Mary, Nr. Exeter EX5 1DP 162 Land at Venns Farm, Sowton, Nr. Exeter EX5 2AE EX5 2AE 163 1 Sowton Village EX5 2AD 164 Land off Meeting Lane, Lympstone

165 Land to The West of Strawberry Hill / Glebelands, Lympstone

166 22 acres – land to the east of Lympstone off Strawberry Hill

167 Land east of Axminster (central parcels)

168 Land West of Chard Road, North of Axminster Town FC

169 Land on the western side of Hayne Lane, Gittisham, Honiton EX14 3PD 170 Land to the West of Combe Garden Centre, Gittisham, Honiton

171 Land to west of Hayne Lane, Honiton

172 Hayne Farm, Hayne Lane, Honiton EX14 3PD 173 Norton Store, Hawkchurch, Axminster, Devon EX13 5XW 174 Field south-east of Hawkchuch School, behind and adjacent to School Close EX13 5GL 175 Land at Heathfield, East Of Hayne Lane, Honiton EX14 3TX 176 Land to the rear of Oaklea

177 Land to the north and south of King Street, including former Foundry Yard, Honiton EX14 1JZ 178 Former Millwater School, Honiton Bottom Road, Littletown, Honiton EX14 2ER 179 Land at the South Side of The Glenn Honiton EX14 2NT 180 Land at Ottery Moor Lane EX14 1AR 181 Honiton Cattle Market, Silver Street, Honiton EX14 1QN 182 Land on the south-east side of Cuckoo Down Lane, Honiton and land at Lower Marlpits Farm, Honiton EX14 9TB 183 Middle Hill, Church Hill, Honiton EX14 9TE 184 Hurlakes, Northcote Hill, Honiton, Devon EX14 9UP 185 Land At Pit Orchard, Bim Bom Lane, Kilmington

186 Land at Gore Lane, Kilmington, Axminster

187 Land adjoining Breach, Kilmington, Axminster EX13 7ST 188 Fernwood, Kilmington EX13 7NU 189 Field to the east of George Lane, between Dares Field and A35 Highway, Kilmington EX13 7DL 190 Land east of George Lane, Kilmington, Axminster

191 Land to the west and south west of the Old Inn, Kilmington EX13 7RB 192 Land to the east of and off Whitford Road, between Ashes Farm and The Beacon Chapel, Kilmington EX13 7RF 193 Land off Whitford Road (north of The Beacon), Kilmington EX13 7RF 194 Little Paddocks, 22 Underhill Crescent, Lympstone, Devon. EX8 5JF 195 Land lying to the north of Clay Lane, Lympstone

196 Land to the south of Meadowgate Cottage, Church Road, Lympstone, EX8 5JU EX8 5JU 197 Land to the southwest of Dawlish Park Terrace, Lympstone EX8 5AA 198 Land at Courtland Cross, Exeter Road, Lympstone, Exmouth EX8 3NS 199 9.2 acres fronting Hulham Road, Exmouth

200 Land off Harefield Road, Lympstone

201 approximately 30.5 acres fronting A376 and Summer Lane, Exmouth

202 Kings Garden & Leisure, Higher Hulham Road, Exmouth EX8 5DZ 203 Coles Field, Hulham Road, Exmouth EX8 204 12.1 acres fronting Hulham Road, Exmouth

205 Land to the Rear of Old Post Office, Membury, Axminster EX13 206 Kinders, Membury, Axminster, Devon EX13 7AF 207 Oaklands Farm, Monkton (A) EX14 9QH 208 Oaklands Farm, Monkton (B) EX14 9QH 209 Baxter’s Farm, The Street, Musbury EX13 8AU 210 Churchpath field, Axminster Road, Musbury EX13 8AQ 211 Doatshayne Lane, Musbury, Axminster EX13 8TR 212 Littledown Farm, Littledown Lane, Newton Poppleford, Sidmouth, Devon EX10 0BG 213 Land to the West of Badger Close, Exmouth Road, Newton Poppleford EX10 0EA 214 Land to the east Of Exmouth Road, Newton Poppleford EX10 0EA 215 Bowhayes Farm, Venn Ottery, Ottery St Mary EX11 1RY 216 Land off Back Lane, Newton Poppleford

217 Field adjacent to Hawthorn House, Back Lane, Newton Poppleford EX10 0BX 218 Land off Down Close, Newton Poppleford EX10 0JD 219 Seniors Farm yard Ex10 0BH 220 Land to the North of Exeter Road, Newton Poppleford Ex10 0BH 221 Land to the rear of Langford Mews, Newton Poppleford EX10 0DU 222 Land on the north side of Back Lane, Newton Poppleford, Sidmouth

223 Pearces Yard, Bridge End, Newton Poppleford, Devon

224 Land on the west side of Backwells Mead, Northleigh, Colyton. EX24 6BH 225 Land Adjacent to Flintstones, 3 Offwell Barton, Offwell, Nr Honiton, Devon EX14 9SA 226 Land off Ramsden Lane, Offwell, Nr. Honiton, Devon EX14 9SZ EX14 9SZ 227 Barrack Farm, Ottery St. Mary EX11 1RB 228 Land south of the Old Post Office, Fairmile, Nr Coombelake, Devon EX11 229 Land adjacent Thorn Farm Way/Barrack Road, Ottery St Mary EX11 1RA 230 Land South of Otter Close, Tipton St John EX10 0JU 231 Land at Sandgate, Sandgate Lane, Wiggaton, Ottery St Mary EX11 1PX 232 Oakfield Farm, Fenny Bridges, Honiton

233 Land at Thorne Farm, Exeter Road, Ottery St Mary EX11 1QZ 234 Land to North and South of Salston Barton, Ottery St Mary EX11 1RG 235 Gerway Farm, Ottery St. Mary EX!! 1PN 236 Approximately 38 acres west of North Street and Butts Hill Ottery St Mary, East Devon

237 Gerway Farm, Ottery St. Mary, Ex11 1PN EX11 1PN 238 Approximatly 8 acres off Butts Road Ottery St Mary

239 Land at Bylands, Slade Road, Ottery St Mary EX11 1QN 240 Land of Bell Street, Otterton

241 Land adjacent to the North Star, Otterton

242 Land at Hayes Lane, Otterton, Devon, EX9 7JS EX9 7JS 243 Land at Plymtree, Cullompton (A)

244 Land at Plymtree, Cullompton (B)

245 Land North Hatchland Road, Poltimore

246 Land at Poltimore/Broadclyst EX40BQ 247 Land at Quarter Mile Lane, Marsh Green EX5 2EU 248 Land at Houndbeare Farm, Rockbeare Hill – to the west of Robin’s Nest EX5 2EZ 249 Land at Houndbeare Farm, Rockbeare Hill – to the west of Melton Court EX5 2EZ 250 Land at Houndbeare Farm, Rockbeare Hill – to the east of Marl Cottage EX5 2EZ 251 Land at Harrier Court, Clyst Honiton, Exeter EX5 2DR

252 1 and 2 Tillhouse Cottages, London Road EX5 2EE 253 L/A The Grange, London Road, Rockbeare EX25 2FP 254 Clay Common, Seaton

255 Land at Barnards Hill Lane, Seaton

256 Harepath Road, Seaton

257 Land Between Churston Rise and Couchill Copse, Seaton. O/S Ref: SY2390NW EX12 2HD 258 Land at Clay Common (Little Paddock), Seaton

259 Land south of Beer Road, Seaton

260 Land at Barnards Hill Lane, Seaton, East Devon EX12 2TE 261 Land at Whitecross Farm, Colyford Road, Seaton EX12 2SN 262 Land south west of Woolbrook Road, Sidmouth EX10 0LZ 263 Land to the east of The Lookout Coreway Sidford EX109sd 264 Land east of Burscombe Lane, Sidmouth N/A 265 Land west of Two Bridges Road, Sidford

266 Land South of Furzehill, Sidbury N/A 267 The Hams, Fortescue Road, Sidford

268 Land adjoining Fortescue Road, Sidmouth EX10 269 Land adj Stevens Cross Close, Sidford (east side) EX10 9QJ 270 Peak Coach House, Cotmaton Road, Sidmouth, Devon (excluding The Belvedere and No. 3 Peak Coach Cottages) EX10 8SY 271 Plot 1 Sidmouth Garden Centre, Stowford, Sidmouth EX10 0NA 272 Peak Coach House, (Numbers 1-3 Belfry Cottages), Cotmaton Road, Sidmouth, Devon, EX10 8SY and

The Belvedere, Peak Hill Road, Sidmouth, EX10 0NW EX10 8SY 273 Plot 2- North Sidmouth Garden Centre, Stowford, Sidmouth EX10 0NA 274 Land at Dark Lane, Sidmouth EX10 9DR 275 Station Yard, Station Road, Sidmouth, Devon EX10 8NN 276 Units 2, 5A and 5B Alexandria Industrial Estate, Sidmouth EX10 9HL 277 Alexandria Industrial Estate, Alexandria Road, Sidmouth EX10 9HG 278 Sidmouth Health Centre, Sidmouth, Devon EX10 8ET 279 Land east of Two Bridges Road, Sidford N/A 280 Field bordering junction of Cotford Road and Roncombe Lane [OS: 805]. EX10 0QN 281 Land part of Lees Farm, Colyton Road, Southleigh, Colyton EX24 6SA 282 Land north of Sidmouth Road, Clyst St Mary

283 Langdon’s business park and the occupied units EX5 1AF 284 Denbowe EX5 1AF 285 8.81 acres fronting the A3052 at The Cat and Fiddle, Clyst St Mary

286 3.69 acres Bishops Court Lane, Clyst St Mary

287 Timbervale and part of Pine Ridge, Sowton Village, near ExeterER EX5 2AG 288 Land at Bishops Court Lane, Clyst St Mary EX5 1BX 289 Clyst Valley Garden Village, Land to the south and east of Clyst St Mary and Clyst St George

290 Axehayes Farm Clyst St Mary Nr. Exeter EX5 1DP 291 Land adjacent to Mannings, Stockland, Honiton EX14 9DS 292 Hornshayes Farm, Stockland EX14 9BX 293 Field 7414, Stoke Road, Stoke Canon EX5 4EG 294 Fields 7425 & 8333, Stoke Road, Stoke Canon EX5 4EG 295 Field 6700 & 6907, Stoke Road, Stoke Canon EX5 4EG 296 Land adjoininf Greenaces, Newtown, Talaton EX5 2RA 297 Land at Moorhayes Farm, Talaton EX5 2RE 298 Land adjoining Weeks Farm, Talaton EX5 2RG 299 Land to the east of Woodmans Orchard and Woodmans Hill Farm, Talaton EX5 2RW 300 Land at Sidmouth Road, Lyme Regis DT7 3ET 301 Goodlands Farm, Charmouth Road EX13 5ST 302 Land at Cowley, Exeter (A) EX5 5EN 303 Land at Cowley, Cowley, Exeter, Devon (B) EX5 5EN 304 Land at Cowley, Cowley, Exeter, Devon © EX5 5EN 305 Land at Westhayes/Hayes End, Eastfield, West Hill EX11 1UZ 306 Field at junction of adjacent to Prickly Pear House at junction of B3180 Exmouth Road and Bendarroch Road, West Hill, Devon EX11 1JY 307 Rear of Hasta-La-Vista, Windmill Lane, West Hill EX11 1JP 308 Land off Oak Road, West Hill, Nr. Ottery St Mary, Devon EX11 1SJ 309 Land north and east of Eastfield, West Hill EX11 1UQ 310 Land east of The Pygthle, Lower Broad Oak Road, West Hill EX11 1XQ 311 Hollybrook Nursery, Exmouth Road, Ottery St Mary EX11 1JZ 312 Weggis Farm, Higher Metcombe, Ottery St Mary EX11 1SQ 313 Pikes Farm, West Hill, Ottery St Mary EX11 1XJ 314 Flower Cottage, Elsdon Lane, West Hill, Ottery St Mary EX11 1TZ 315 Elsdon House, Elsdon Lane, West Hill EX11 1UA 316 WI Building and adjoining land, West Hill Road, West Hill EX11 1TP 317 Land at Cobden Whimple Devon EX5 2PZ 318 Land lying to the west of The Paddock Whimple EX5 2NP 319 Approximately 2.3 acres fronting Broadclyst Road, Whimple

320 Approximately 25 acres west of Church Road and Bramley Gardens, Whimple

321 Approximately 4.6 acres at the Junction of Church Road and Woodhayes Lane, Whimple

322 Land adjoining Woodhayes Country House, Woodhayes Lane, Whimple, Exeter EX5 2TQ 323 Approximately 4 acres Station Road, Whimple

324 Land off Lilypond Lane, Whimple, Nr. Exeter, Devon EX5 2QP 325 Land North side of Grove Road, Whimple, Exeter

326 Land at Perriton Barton, Whimple EX5 2QD 327 5.8 Acres off London Road, Whimple

328 Land Adjacent to 5 Woodlands EX5 2QW 329 Wilmington Quarry

330 Gibbons farm, Wilmington ex14 9jr 331 Field 4583, Exmouth Road, Exton EX3 0PZ 332 Land off Globe Hill, Woodbury

333 Land to the rear of Orchard House, Globe Hill, Woodbury EX5 1JP 334 Land Off Globe Hill, Woodbury EX5 1LL 335 Land at Gilbrook, Woodbury

336 Land to the East of Higher Venmore Farm, Woodbury EX5 1LD 337 Land of Broadway (Phase 2), Woodbury

338 Land on the east side of Parsonage Way, Woodbury EX5 1EQ 339 Ford Farm, Woodbury EX5 1NJ 340 Land North East of Webbers’ Meadow, Castle Lane, Woodbury EX5 1EE 341 Marandor, Exmouth Road, Exton EX30PZ 342 Land to the north and east of Exton Farm, Exton

343 Clyst Valley Garden Village, Land to the south and east of Clyst St Mary and Clyst St George N/A 344 Land at Rydon Farm, Woodbury EX5 1LB 345 Land Adjoining Woodbury Business Park, Woodbury EX5 1AY 346 Lower Pilehayes Farm, Woodbury Salterton, Exeter EX5 1QE 347 The Top Yard, Land at Venmore Farm, Woodbury EX5 1LD 348 Land to the South of Lower Road, Woodbury Salterton EX5 1AL 349 Former Sewage Treatment Works, Woodbury Salterton EX5 1QZ 350 Land at Honey Lane, Woodley Salterton, Devon, EX5 1PP EX5 1PP 351 Cricket Field off Town Lane, Woodbury

352 Greendale Business Park, Sidmouth Road, Woodbury Salterton, Exeter EX51EX 353 Land north of the A30 and south of Drakes Meadow, Yarcombe, Honiton, Devon EX14 9AA 354 Land north of the A303, Marsh, Yarcombe, Devon (A) EX14 9AJ 355 Land north of the A303, Marsh, Yarcombe, Devon (B) EX14 9AJ 356 Land adjacent to road through Marsh Village (Parish of Yarcombe) EX14 9AH 357 Land and buildings part at Yonder Marsh Farm, Marsh , Honiton EX14 9AH 358 Land to the north of Keets Mill Lane/south of Bishopswood Road, Bishopswood, Otterford, Somerset TA20 3RU 359 Land to the south of Higher Lane, Axmouth Nonwe