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“We must learn to live with the virus” – Boris Johnson

“We are seeing rising hospital admissions and we must reconcile ourselves, sadly, to more deaths from Covid.”

“We have to balance the risks. The risks of the disease which the vaccines have reduced but very far from eliminated and the risks of continuing with legally-enforced restrictions that inevitably take their toll on people’s lives and livelihoods, on people’s health and mental health.”

“We must be honest with ourselves that if we can’t reopen our society in the next few weeks, when we will be helped by the arrival of summer and by the school holidays, then we must ask ourselves: when will we be able to return to normal?”

And who was it that delayed adding India to the Red quarantine list at the end of April, which has left us in a worse condition than otherwise could have been the case (cases doubling every seven days – work it out)? – Owl

One thought on “Latest health advice

  1. Boris Johnson is an unintelligent imbecile who is consistently makes decisions in his own best interest rather than that of the people of the UK, and who seems utterly incapable of learning from his mistakes.

    I think that this is now the 4th occasion (or is it even more) where he failed to take action to restrict inbound infections of Covid from other countries, allowed Covid to start to grow exponentially, reduced or delayed lockdown measures. And every single time he did this previously, the result was a huge outbreak of Covid that then killed tens of thousands of people and required tough and long-term measures to bring under control.

    So why is this latest example going to be any different? The UK hasn’t yet vaccinated enough people to achieve herd immunity (which BTW only keeps hospitalisation at levels which the NHS can cope with – it doesn’t stop vulnerable groups from catching it and being killed), and those that have been fully vaccinated may not be protected against new variants like the Peru one.

    By contrast, New Zealand took swift action to close borders and keep infections out, had a test and trace and isolation system that worked (partly because they had already controlled the numbers by closing borders), and so they had a very low incidence of Covid and a very low impact on their day-to-day lives. Boris, on the other hand, dillied and dallied and delayed, and made decisions to keep everything open for economic reasons, and the resulting wave of infections then wiped out the economic savings he had made many times over.

    Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party as a whole are quite literally playing with the lives of many, many people with this decision – and I hope that the population remember this if (as history has shown several times already) it results in many further avoidable deaths.


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