Boris Johnson left red-faced after snaps emerge of him posing with rainbow-coloured monkey with a fake…

BORIS Johnson was left red-faced after snaps emerged of him posing with a rainbow-coloured monkey with a fake penis. 

(And a bunch of bananas. Graphic images and video on the sun website. Just how low can Boris Johnson sink? – Owl)

Jonathan Reilly

The PM stood next to the mischievous ape — which also bares its bum — during a photocall with the arts company that designed the crude outfit.

It caused outrage this week when it was used by a council to promote a children’s reading scheme.

Footage online showed performers running out of the library and the mock appendage being swung at passing vehicles.

Redbridge Council, in East London, has apologised for the “inappropriate” costume and has ordered an investigation.

Its leader, Jas Athwal, said immediate action has been taken.

He reassured residents an investigation has been launched “to ensure something like this can’t happen again”.

Mandinga Arts provide street performers for events based on European, Latin American and African traditions. They said they “apologise for the offence caused” on Twitter.

Mr Johnson was snapped with the crude critter in 2008 while he was Mayor of London.

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