More sleaze

From today’s politico newsletter:

Labour wants Tory MP James Gray to be investigated after the Mail on Sunday’s Anna Mikhailova’s great scoop that the seasoned select committee member has been taking money from a crisis comms company in return for coaching corporate clients on how to answer select committee questions. Anna has some great quotes from an outraged senior MP who describes Gray’s coaching gig as akin to “insider dealing,” adding: “It stinks.”

(The 66-year-old MP is a member of the Commons Procedure Committee and Environmental Audit Committee as well as the ‘Panel of Chairs’, which advises the Commons Speaker, for which he is paid £16,422 on top of his £81,932 MP salary.

Gray has sat on 12 committees, including defence, transport and environment, since he was elected MP for North Wiltshire in 1997.) 

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