Former Exmouth mayor John Humphreys denies historic sex assaults on two boys

The trial has begun of a former mayor of Exmouth who stands accused of historic sex offences against two underage boys.

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John Humphreys, aged 59, of Hartley Road, Exmouth, on trial at Exeter Crown Court, denies ten charges, alleged to have taken place between 1990 and 2002.

The court heard Humphreys denies ever having any sexual activity with either of the boys.

Humphreys stands accused of two charges of indecent assault and three counts of a sex assault on a boy aged 12 to 13 between 1990 and 1991.

He is also charged with five further counts of indecent assault of a second boy aged 14 to 15 between 1999 and 2002.

Prosecutor Mr Piers Norsworthy told the jury the younger boy said he met Humphreys in a public toilet and allegedly went on to have sex with him on three occasions; in a flat in Exmouth, and once in a stone building ‘that stank of pee’ in a Woodbury Common car park.

In a video interview played to the court, the male told police: “He took me into the apartment and made me do stuff that I didn’t want to do, and he shouldn’t be doing with a young boy.”

He said Humphreys was ‘aggressive’ when pushing him up against the wall of a stone building on Woodbury Common to have sex.

The male added: “He wiped himself all over my school shirt. I was thinking ‘my mum will kill me’.

“I took my school shirt off. I remember thinking ‘I don’t know how the washing machine works, so how am I going to explain this?’.

“I don’t know how I did any of it. The pain was unbearable. I thought I was going to die. I just couldn’t stop it.”

The court heard the second boy alleged Humphreys made him feel ‘dirty’, touching him sexually, and making him reciprocate, while in a flat while he was on work experience in Exmouth, telling the teenager: “This does not mean you are gay.”

Mr Norsworthy said the two complainants, both now adults, went to the police independently of each other.

The older boy went to Exmouth police in August 2004 and Humphreys was interviewed in October 2005, the court heard.

It was more than a decade later that the other boy went to police and the earlier complaint was reviewed, the jury was told.

Mr Norsworthy said the investigation had been ‘lengthy’, adding gardening contractor Humphreys had ‘denied ever having sexual activity’ with either of the males when he was interviewed about the allegations in 2016 and 2017.

The trial continues.

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  1. It’s a great pity modern court reporting is not more informative. Those who followed the Jeremy Thorpe trial will have been able to form an opinion which may have been contrary to the verdict but which is now the common view of this case. Without forensic commentary the interests of the powerful are paramount. “They” are even coming for the citizen bloggers as Craig Murray and others have found over their truthful reporting of the Alex Salmond case, and in Craig’s case of the Julian Assange extradition trials as well. Please could some readers attend Exeter Crown Court on Monday or even from 14.00 today to see that justice is done in this case.


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