Jury consider verdicts in ex-mayor sex abuse trial

The jury have retired to consider their verdicts in the case of a former Mayor of Exmouth who is accused of the historic abuse of two schoolboys.

Ted Davenport http://www.devonlive.com 

John Humphreys is facing a total of 10 charges at Exeter Crown Court where he has denied any sexual contact with the two complainants.

The boys say he abused them when they were aged around 13 and 15 in 1990 and 2001 respectively.

Judge Timothy Rose sent the jury out in mid-morning and told them that they would have as much time as they needed to reach their verdicts.

Humphreys, aged 59, of Hartley Road, Exmouth, denies three counts of a serious sexual assault and two of indecent assault on the younger boy and five counts of indecent assault against the older one.

Humphreys is an alderman who was Mayor of Exmouth from 2010 to 2012 and a councillor for 12 years.

He told the jury last week that he had no sexual interest in boys and had never had any sort of sexual contact with either complainant.

One thought on “Jury consider verdicts in ex-mayor sex abuse trial

  1. Guilty by majority verdict on all charges. Perhaps Councillors Ingham and Hughes would care to tell us why they felt it appropriate to make him an alderman in 2019, four years into the investigation which led to this. Privileges include free car parking at Exmouth Town Hall with a view of the Manor Gardens toilets.


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