Like master, like man?

Even the Telegraph has criticised Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab as “missing in action”.  

Marina Hyde’s satirical comment in the Guardian is headed: “Can someone fill in Dominic Raab about the news? He only watches it on catchup.“ She also writes: News that Dominic Raab was spotted lounging on a beach in Crete on the day Kabul fell certainly sends a message.”

But we shouldn’t forget that one of his recent special advisors (SPADS) was none other than our own Simon Jupp. Simon was appointed a SPAD to the then “First Secretary of State” in 2019, before running for parliament. 

SPADS have also come in for much criticism (see the recent New Statesman debate). The essence of this is that they usually possess a surfeit of ambition coupled with little experience.  Many SPADS see their appointment as a stepping stone to preferment to a “safe seat”.

In the case of Simon, one has to ask what foreign policy expertise could he “bring to the table”, or was appointed because of his political “nous”? Doesn’t look as if much his wisdom rubbed off.

In turn, we might ask what did he learn at the feet of his master? – Owl 

[In 1982 Peter Carrington resigned as Secretary of State, taking full responsibility for the complacency of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in its failure to foresee the invasion of the Falkland Islands and for the misleading signals sent by the Foreign Office on British intentions for retaining control over the Falklands.]