Why was John Humphrey made an Honorary Alderman in December 2019?

Following the guilty verdict on former Exmouth Mayor, John Humphrey, George Dixon posted the following question:

Perhaps Councillors Ingham and Hughes would care to tell us why they felt it appropriate to make him an alderman in 2019, four years into the investigation which led to this?

He was one of eleven proposed by Cllr Ben Ingham, seconded by Cllr.  Andrew Moulding to receive the title of Honorary Alderman or Alderwoman at an extraordinary meeting of EDDC on 18 December 2019.

Cllr. Stuart Hughes, the Chairman, put the proposals to the vote.

The vote was carried by a majority with one abstention. (No details of the vote appear to have been recorded)

Details of the meeting can be found here , though the audio recording appears to be no longer available.

The phrases: “due diligence” and “bringing the Council into disrepute” come to mind.

Will he now be stripped of this title?

[The award of Aldermanic status on this occasion seemed to have been unusually extensive. Handing out lollipops is a bit of a British obsession, easily debased.]

4 thoughts on “Why was John Humphrey made an Honorary Alderman in December 2019?

  1. This is far from the only case of Devon & Cornwall Police failing to investigate properly.

    I personally know of at least 5 formal reports of crimes related to Councils or Councillors that were never investigated or not investigated with any appearance of promptness or diligence.

    Not to mention the illegal disclosure by Devon & Cornwall Police of a formal witness statement made by Claire Wright in confidence, disclosed to Mark Williams, CEO of EDDC who then proceeded to disclose the information more widely in an email which quickly became public, and which Williams used to bully Claire Wright in a public council meeting.

    The dodgy-handshake brigade needs to be investigated properly by the IOPC.


  2. About this time, late 2019, Cllr Ian Hall was arguing for DBS checks which many of us pointed out were at best a snapshot in time, often not accurate and at worse likely to provide a false sense of security. See https://eastdevonnews.co.uk/2019/08/20/criminal-record-checks-councillor-hits-out-over-eddcs-lack-of-urgency/ As was pointed out, Jimmy Saville could have passed a DBS check!

    That it took Devon and Cornwall police so long to investigate does not surprise some of us who have previously drawn matters to their attention – the connections with Freemasonry were often suspected and Devon and Cornwall’s attitude to membership was then one of keeping no register but expecting officers to seek advice in cases of likely conflict. Asked how many such cases had occurred in a previous year, the answer was none.


  3. God bless George Dixon. Keep up the good work. Let’s hope any other victims now feel encouraged to come forward. Good win for Dixon’s colleagues.


  4. (This is a personal comment from Mr Dixon)
    It would also be very hard for the police to explain the circumstances of the second complainant’s interview and statement in 2004, and the fact that it took them over 14 months to interview the suspect. As the judge told the jury. ” This is not a misprint, it actually was over a year before he was interviewed. There is no explanation for this”. According to the reports Humphreys was interviewed in October 2005 and in 2006. There has been no explanation of the decision not to prosecute or of any other action taken. In 2007 he was a successful candidate for the conservatives in district and town council elections. This is very close. Was he in fact a candidate when the decision was taken? Were any of those involved in his elevation in 2019 also around and involved in his adoption as a candidate? Why did the historic interviews which triggered this investigation following the further complaint in 2015 not also show on his CRB to become a school governor, presumably in 2007/8? And one we must not forget. When did he become a freemason?


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