The Humphreys case – should EDDC seek an inquiry?

A correspondent writes:

I can understand why Humphreys was able to get away with his crimes AND still be a councillor.  Everyone is presumed innocent until proved guilty.  There was no such proof in the public domain until this month and no justice for the boys until  today.

What I CANNOT understand is why police dropped their first investigation in 2005.  And why it has taken from 2015, when the cases of the two boys were linked,  to 2021 to get justice for them.  6 lost years.  I accept it takes time to make a case – but 6 years?

If I were a councillor today at EDDC I would be asking for an inquiry – preferably public- into the case.  Who decided to drop these cases?   And what links they might have had – or still have –  and what roles did they have in common with other people who may also have had council roles or links during that time? Who during this long period of time was made aware of decisions taken by the police? 

Maybe EDDC Budleigh councillor and ex-policeman Tom Wright, who was for many years EDDC police liaison person when Tories were in control, can give us some insight from his experience, into how these things can happen?

2 thoughts on “The Humphreys case – should EDDC seek an inquiry?

  1. Here is another reason why there should be an enquiry: how many councillors were masons in 2004/6 when many would consider justice was perverted? Were some police officers acting in concert with others at their lodges? I have heard it said that some masons have always considered that Humphreys was not a fit person to be admitted.


  2. Comments to date have been influenced by the fact that Humphreys became a councillor very shortly after being interviewed by the police over events which the judge and jury found compelling in the recent trial, with the judge making it clear he believed the defendant had orchestrated time alone with the work experience boy. The circumstances of the complainant’s interview and of the 14 month wait before the paedophile tory’s own first interview also causing comment. This link makes clear that Humphreys had already been an unsuccessful candidate in the previous 2003 district elections. Successful candidates then include Cllrs Hughes, Moulding, Diviani, Skinner, Humphreys’ special friend Stott (another undeserving alderperson) and Ingham, who was then an Independent, as he has been occasionally since. Who was in charge, and who making recruitment decisions? Presumably these will all soon be making statements under oath about their knowledge of their colleague’s difficulties.


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