Five thundering cliff falls in one day

A notorious stretch of cliffs on the East Devon coast has seen five massive falls in one morning.

Ami Wyllie

Crumbling clay tumbled from the cliffs between Sidmouth and Salcombe Mouth on Sunday morning.

Local resident Katy Hancock managed to capture huge plumes of red dust kicked up by the landslides.

Beer Coastguard Rescue Team shared a photo from Jurassic Paddle Sports and posted a warning on Facebook.

They wrote: “Cliff falls this morning, please stay away from the base of cliffs and take note of the signs, they are there for a reason.”

(Image: Katy Hancock)

While it was supposed to serve as a caution about the dangers of the location, some Facebook users were excited at the prospect of finding fossils.

In 1823 renowned fossil hunter, Mary Anning, discovered the Plesiosaurus at a nearby beach further along the Jurassic Coast.

Since then, the area has become a hotspot for dinosaur enthusiasts.

One person commented: “Time to go fossil hunting!!!”

Another said: “Fossil hunters will be out in force!”

Others were concerned at the accessibility of the location and the lack of knowledge for tourists visiting the area.

One person said: “Sadly people will always think they know better or are immune to the dangers, especially if the are not local to the area and have knowledge of the falls.”

Another was worried people will use it as a vantage point for upcoming air shows.

They said: “Hope too many people don’t go up on the cliffs to watch the air show this week!”

The area is infamous for dangerous cliff falls and signage at along the edge and on the beach advise visitors to keep well away from the area.

In three weeks at the end of May and into June, there were four separate cliff falls prompting safety warnings from the local coastguard.

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