“Mayor’s big day is a truly momentous one!” John Humphreys ties the knot with former Journal reporter 2014.

“The council chamber was packed for the ceremony, and the reception saw 110 friends and family mark the occasion at the nearby Masonic Hall.”

Owl’s followers might like to re-read this article from 2014 in the light of John Humphreys jail term of 21 years for sexual assault. They might also like to read a couple of relevant extracts from Sasha Swire’s “Secret” diaries which Owl is posting next: Sasha on Hugo Swire and “our beloved longtime helper, John Humphreys”.

Before doing so, take a moment to read how the Judge described these assaults, as reported in East Devon News:

Judge Rose said the first victim had been no older than 13 years old when he was picked up by Humphreys outside toilets in St Andrew’s Road, Exmouth, and driven on three separate occasions to different locations for sex.

He said Humphreys, who had been ‘entirely responsible’ for the boy’s welfare to ensure he came to no harm, raped his victim orally and anally.

Judge Rose said Humphreys’ actions caused the male long-lasting psychological harm, lasting decades

The Judge said: “These were shocking acts of sexual violence. You targeted a particularly vulnerable victim.”

He added: “It must have been obvious to you that he was a vulnerable young boy that had a attended a location that was entirely unsuitable for him.

“You decided not to help him and ensure he came to no harm in that situation.”

The Judge said Humphreys inflicted ‘shocking acts of sexual violence’ on the same victim which culminated in raping the boy in a disused building on Woodbury Common.

Judge Rose said: “You instructed him to never talk about this and you told him that his life wouldn’t be worth living if he told.”

The court heard the second victim had been around the age of 15 and on work experience with Humphreys’s gardening firm when he was sexually assaulted multiple times by the defendant, who orchestrated time alone with the teenager.

Mayor’s big day is a truly momentous one!

Dave Beasley www.exmouthjournal.co.uk 

History was made in Exmouth on Saturday as mayor John Humphreys and teacher David Marston said ‘I do’ on Saturday.

When Cllr Humphreys and former Journal reporter David tied the knot in front of family and friends it marked the first-ever same-sex marriage, both in Exmouth and East Devon.

They exchanged vows just 12 hours after the new marriage law came into effect; and to mark the occasion the ‘rainbow flag’ was flown aloft the town hall.

Cllr Humphreys said: “It was a wonderful day and we were delighted to be able to do something that was not only of personal importance but something we believe is of national importance in our home town.”

The council chamber was packed for the ceremony, and the reception saw 110 friends and family mark the occasion at the nearby Masonic Hall.