(Address in East Devon) – 2019 election mystery

Parliamentary candidates, on their nomination form, must supply a home address to the Returning Officer. It doesn’t have to be within the constituency. Candidates have an option to ask for this not to be disclosed publicly.

Simon Jupp, unusually, chose not to have his address during the campaign disclosed as can be seen below. None of the other candidates withheld their addresses and Owl cannot recall seeing another example.

Simon Jupp was parachuted into the constituency as the Conservative candidate in the December 2019 general election, following Hugo Swire’s decision not to stand again.

Plymouth born and educated, Simon Jupp, in 2019, was a Special Advisor (SPAD) to Dominc Raab at the time which would have meant needing to live within striking distance of the “Westminster Bubble”.

With Claire Wright tipped to win the constituency as an Independent, having come close second in the previous two elections, one can understand that he mightn’t want to commit to permanent residence whilst campaigning.

The SPAD in him must have thought a “Westminster” address had the wrong look, especially for one with little experience and none as an elected representative.Though not having an East Devon address didn’t seem to hamper his predecessor, Hugo Swire, who had decamped to his manor in mid-Devon years ago.

So, what did he do to gain local residence credibility? Rent a property, an Airbnb perhaps? Or  was he offered the use of the house of one of the many Conservative activists as a “pied-à-terre”?

Whatever it was, either his or his constituency advisors’ political antennae thought it best to keep this East Devon address “secret”.

2 thoughts on “(Address in East Devon) – 2019 election mystery

  1. Strangely, a number of residents do recall seeing an East Devon address attached to Mr Jupp’s name during the election campaign.

    That of an Exmouth Conservative, whom a few years back was known to host noisy garden parties. Perhaps during his time at Radio Exe Mr Jupp attended some of these parties.

    Odd that all of these residents remember the same address, when there would be so many colleagues falling over themselves to play host. This would be even more exciting than canvassing with Hugo, anticipation of which was known previously to get the blue rinses in a flutter.

    Is it possible they did print the address on the notification posters in polling stations, or on postal vote literature, when a withheld address might also not be a good look for a parachuted in candidate? Or just that sometimes they forgot they were not supposed to publish?

    It might be interesting to ask Mr Jupp or the Returning Officer when the request not to publish was made, and when through the usual channels.


  2. Well Simon Jupp DIDN’T really achieve local residence credibility amongst people who have their eyes open or ear to the ground.

    Maybe Hugo and Sasha asked around their local politician friends and beloved long-time helpers to arrange accomodation for him at an East Devon address in 2019.
    We are peplexed though that he chose to hide that from East Devon residents.
    Perhaps he was concerned that he might be pestered by fans or hounded by the press in the run up to the Election.

    Or maybe there was another very reasonable explanation for his secrecy then.
    Of course, the perfectly logical thing to do is to ask him.

    So I will.
    Dear Simon Jupp,
    What was your address in the lead up to the 2019 General Election?
    What were your reasons for being the only candidate to not share that information with your potential constituents?

    On behalf of perplexed residents.

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