Devon and Cornwall daily Covid infections still in thousands

More than 2,000 new cases of coronavirus have been reported in the space of two days across Devon and Cornwall, but new infections have started to decrease.

“Enhance your response” (whatever that means) – Owl

Edward Church

In the wake of an unprecedented surge in cases in the two counties which played host to thousands of extra tourists, as well as several festivals, in recent weeks – it remains to be seen if this trend will continue.

Saturday’s figures showed 1,143 new coronavirus cases across the two counties, with 443 in Cornwall, 68 in East Devon, 71 in Exeter, 43 in Mid Devon, 40 in North Devon, 221 in Plymouth, 57 in South Hams, 65 in Teignbridge, 66 in Torbay, 31 in Torridge, 38 in West Devon.

And today (August 29), 1,099 new cases were reported – 369 in Cornwall, 65 in East Devon, 52 in Exeter, 76 in Mid Devon, 82 in North Devon, 190 in Plymouth, 51 in South Hams, 77 in Teignbridge, 89 in Torbay, 34 in Torridge and 14 in West Devon.

While these figures are high, this follows a trend of the week-on-week total of infections beginning to fall.

For five days in a row, the total has decreased across Devon and Cornwall. For Devon alone, this has happened six days in a row now.

Cluster data published on Saturday (August 28) showed seven-day infections still at their worst in Newquay for the week up to August 23, which you can read about here. Having hosted of some 50,000 extra people from Boardmasters Festival, the town remains the Covid hotspot of the UK.

The effect of Boardmasters on the figures is expected to fall in the coming days and weeks.

However, both Devon and Cornwall – including busy tourist town Newquay – have been visited by thousands of extra tourists this bank holiday weekend. The effect of this will be seen in the next week or so.

The majority of new infections have been in the younger age groups – possibly skewed by Boardmasters.

Despite the fall in infections, Devon and Cornwall are still being handed ‘enhanced’ measures to combat Covid. You can read more about what that means here.

As well as this, tourists bosses in Cornwall have told visitors to put off their stay in the county unless they’ve tested negative for the virus.

The vaccine has helped keep hospitalisations and Covid-related deaths low.

Accurate to Friday (August 27), of the adult population, 78.8% in Cornwall, 83.2% in East Devon, 67.9% in Exeter, 81.6% in Mid Devon, 81.3% in North Devon, 73.8% in Plymouth, 80.2% in South Hams, 82.8% in Teignbridge, 78.3% in Torbay, 81.9% in Torridge and 83.4% in West Devon, have had a second dose of a vaccine.

However, while the numbers have come down – some people are still dying with the virus.

As Friday, there had been Devon 12 deaths with Covid in the past seven days, as well as seven in Cornwall, six in Plymouth, and five in Torbay.

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