Print Edition of Exmouth Journal catches up with the news

Sadly, one of the reasons local news in print is declining is that it is obviously finding it difficult to keep pace with electronic news. The John Humphreys story is a case in point.

The Crown Prosecution Service published his conviction and sentence on 20 August, along with a statement of Police praise for the two victims.

On 24 August Ian Thomas, Chairman EDDC, published a statement expressing sympathy for the victims and announcing the calling of an Extraordinary General Meeting on 7 August to consider withdrawing from Humphreys the honour of the title Alderman.

Today, 1 September, the Exmouth Journal carries these elements of the story on page 3 under two headings: 

Police praise for two victims in historic sexual abuse inquiry.

“Shocking acts of violence says” Judge Humphreys groomed and assaulted.

There was a time when this would have been front page news within days.

2 thoughts on “Print Edition of Exmouth Journal catches up with the news

  1. According to The Exmouth Voice page on Facebook the Journal’s apparent change of heart is down to a complaint to the new Archant Chief Executive rather than sloth or belated moral rectitude. We look forward to a local paper truly in tune with the local community.

    It’s surprising how many date errors have cropped up in this case. Not the 14 months between the original complaint and the perpetrator being interviewed, highlighted by the judge as surprising but correct. But the wrong period for Humphreys’ mayoralty was published in more than one outlet, removing it and all it’s publicity from a significant traumatic event in one victim’s history. Now Owl has the meeting called by Ian Thomas as a month early, August 7th rather than the same date in September. Has he borrowed a sub from the Journal?


    • Opps on the date of EDDC EGM – 7 Sept at 6pm! Owl should also have mentioned that jury verdict of guilty was published on 18 August


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