The government needs to justify what it did. With evidence.

The government has spun out this legal challenge for an unusually long time, and it all costs money. – Owl

An update from Cathy Gardner. 

Dear Supporter,

Thank you so much for backing my case, I would not be here without you all. Every donation counts, small or large and it’s humbling to be supported by so many people I don’t even know. Many of you were directly affected by the issues underlying this case and we will not stop fighting for the truth.

Of course, the defendants have not made this an easy process. Right from the start they tried to dismiss me on technicalities. Rather than answering the questions we posed they have dissembled and fudged. They claim to be transparent whilst being opaque. A couple of weeks ago we had to go to the High Court to ask for the evidence we need from the government and NHS but sadly and frustratingly, the Judge did not support our request. Now we are asking the Court of Appeal to overturn some of the ruling so we can get the information. 

This case is not a public inquiry, this is about adherence to law. The government must justify the decisions that were made. They should ‘show their working’, providing us with the advice that was considered and why it was (or was not) ignored or changed. It’s not enough to claim that the pandemic was ‘unprecedented’ or even unexpected, because it wasn’t. The role of government is to plan and to protect the population from threats such as COVID. A particular duty is to protect the right to life of the most vulnerable.

What shocked me most after my father died was realising that the government had apparently done nothing to protect him and other residents.  All I found was the flawed hospital discharge policy. That’s despite the infamous statement by Hancock about the ‘protective ring’. That protection appears to be around all of them now.

It is vital in a democracy to be able to hold the government to account. They are bound by law just like the rest of us, although they seem to breach it with impunity. If they are so confident that they acted appropriately last year, why won’t they provide the information we seek? What are they hiding?

It’s very important to keep this case in the public eye because the costs are rising with every new challenge we have to make. If you have a Twitter account or any other social media presence, please share the link and tell people what is happening. 

Thank you, Cathy