This week’s PR disaster – Simon Jupp: “Doomed” by his choice

Why, oh why Simon did you decide to be pictured in your media column this week drinking a pint of Doom alongside “Three Homes” Robert Jenrick? Didn’t Boris tell you he was about to sack him and demote your mentor Dominic Raab? And even if he hadn’t, did you really want to associate yourself with his “build, build, build” algorithm and attitude to “lock-down rules”? 

Why, oh why Simon, do you keep banging the drum for the hospitality trade? Have you forgotten “Eat out to help out” and what it did to supercharge last autumn’s infection wave? Don’t you realise that a very high proportion of your constituents feel vulnerable to the delta variant? Don’t you think you would help the hospitality sector more by arguing for the Government to take a more responsible, less “Gung-Ho”, attitude to Covid so that the general population felt more secure to venture out? 

Why, oh why Simon do you chose the hospitality trade in particular? Recent research noted that whilst hospitality, food and tourism are sources of pride for the region and its flourishing tourism sector, it’s inescapable that they are also sources of low pay and low productivity. Are low pay and productivity what you support?

Lastly, why, oh why Simon, if you must go on a pub crawl to support local business, are you drinking a beer brewed in North Cornwall – Doom – and not something brewed locally, in Devon, such as Otter Bitter!!!!

Doom, it’s all in the optics