Beachgoers witness dramatic cliff fall in Sidmouth [Saturday]

Cliffs in a popular Devon seaside town have crumbled again in the latest of a series of falls this year.

Sam Beamish

People in Sidmouth witnessed the incident which happened by the town’s beach and near the Esplanade at around 5pm today (September 18). [Saturday].

The moment was captured on camera by Chris Heywood who was walking along the seafront at the time.

He said: “I’ve been at the Sidmouth Classic Car Show today and walking the Esplanade aftewards.

“I just saw the cliff fall and then dust – there was no sound.

“I wouldn’t say it was scary because we were far enough away, standing by the pedestrian area and crossing.”

Chris Heywood caught the cliff fall on camera

Chris Heywood caught the cliff fall on camera

It is not the first landslide to have occurred this year in Sidmouth.

Back in June there were four colossal landslides at the same beauty spot.

They were so large that they prompted a warning from Beer Coastguard Rescue Team.

Coastguards asked people attending the beach to stay clear of the cliffs in case another incident occurs.

And In May, this year there was another cliff fall at the same spot.

People sat on the sand watched as part of the cliff face crumbled down, leaving behind a huge sandy red cloud that could be seen across the beach.