For the record, Simon Jupp’s views on vaccine passports: “unethical”

There is comment in the media that Boris Johnson’s “freedom day” Covid plan is becoming another example in his pandemic response of doing too much too soon; and that the contingency Plan B is another example of doing too little too late.

So for the record here is Simon Jupp’s view on vaccine passports – “unethical”.

Does this put him on the “libertarian” wing of the party? – Owl

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Photo of Simon JuppSimon Jupp Conservative, East Devon

Make no mistake: vaccine passports will create a two-tier society with the hospitality industry having to police an unethical policy that will hammer its recovery. Given the Government’s own words that we need to live with this virus, will my hon. Friend confirm how long vaccine passports will be in place—if passed by this House?

Photo of Nadhim ZahawiNadhim Zahawi Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy), The Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Health and Social Care

We will set out in detail in due course exactly how the vaccine pass will work for domestic use: for example, in nightclubs.