Owl needs to put the record straight on “Deputy Dawg” 

Yesterday Owl wondered why Dominic Raab had not intervened in the spat between the Treasury and Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy mistakenly thinking that this might be part of the “Deputy Prime Minister” job description. Wrong! – Owl

Dominic Raab Not In Charge Of Country While Boris Johnson Holidays In Marbella

Sophia Sleigh www.huffingtonpost.co.uk 

The new deputy prime minister Dominic Raab is not in charge of running the country while Boris Johnson is on holiday, No10 has said. 

Dominic Raab was demoted from his post of foreign secretary but handed the title of deputy prime minister amid a tussle in the recent reshuffle.

But despite Raab being made second-in-command, the prime minister’s official spokesman insisted today that Boris Johnson continues to be “in charge” while he is on holiday.

The PM is currently holidaying with his family in Marbella, Spain, following the Tory party conference in Manchester last week.

Asked if Raab would step in to run the country, the spokesman replied: “As you’ve seen, the prime minister continues to be in charge as is always the case.

“The deputy prime minister has an important role to play and including in stepping up for the prime minister in parliament.

“Obviously we’re in recess at the moment, but as you’ll have seen the prime minister has taken some calls with leaders already today and there’ll be others to follow.”

The spokesman said Raab, who is also the justice secretary, was not currently on holiday. 

Raab previously came under fire for his family break in Crete when he was foreign secretary as Afghanistan fell to the Taliban amid the withdrawal of western troops.

Johnson has also been criticisied for taking his holiday during the ongoing energy crisis which has left some industries reliant on gas warning of shutdowns over the winter.

But Downing Street defended Johnson’s decision to go away, saying he was continuing to work on government business.

“The prime minister continues to be in charge as is always the case,” the spokesman said.

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