News: Lower Otter Restoration Project

Statement following flooding at project site

October 21, 2021: Following overnight flooding at the Lower Otter Restoration Project site, the Environment Agency has said:

“The Lower Otter Restoration Project is a partnership project seeking to adapt the downstream part of the River Otter in the face of rapidly changing climate, by connecting the Lower River Otter to its historic floodplain and creating intertidal habitat. This flooding is an example of what will happen increasingly as a result of climate change. It is an entirely natural phenomenon and has not been caused or exacerbated by project works.

“Flood waters from the River Otter rose sharply shortly after midnight peaking at 3:30am. This inundated some construction plant. We are working with our contractor, Kier, to understand why this was not moved ahead of the flooding. Plant will be moved as soon as is possible.

“Currently, flood waters resulting from heavy rainfall are unable to drain quickly in the valley due to the presence of an embankment that traps the water behind it. One of the benefits of the Lower Otter Restoration Project is that, once completed, the River Otter will be reconnected to its floodplain and the sea resulting in improved drainage.

“Once the project is in place, floods of this level will no longer sever access along the South Farm Road, flood the cricket club or threaten a former tip site to the same degree. Areas of footpath will also be raised above existing levels.

“The impact of this flooding highlights the need to adapt to climate change by moving human infrastructure out of the floodplain and make what remains more resilient to flooding. This is a key aim of the Lower Otter Restoration Project.”

One thought on “News: Lower Otter Restoration Project

  1. Some of the construction vehicles have been seen submerged in the flood which leaves the question on why they were not moved with the weather forecast predicting flooding and also if the submerged vehicles might be leaking oil/petrol etc and if so who is going to be made responsible for it.
    Also one of the construction workers was overheard saying that the barriers they are going to put in would not have stopped this flood…..


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