Storm Aurore, and the Ooops moment for LORP

According to reports, parts of East Devon had some of the heaviest rainfall from storm Aurore with half a month’s rain in just 10 hours.

As reported on Thursday this inundated some construction plant involved in the Lower Otter Restoration Project.

A correspondent has since sent Owl some dramatic photos, accompanied by notes.


This shows the scene about a month ago as new water course trenches were dug in the water meadows north of South Farm road.

With what now seems remarkable prescience, lifebuoys were placed along the trenches. One of these can clearly be seen in the centre.

With most of the hedgerows removed, the inundation gives us a glimpse of what the restored estuary will look like on a very high tide. Though after completion of the project fluvial flooding such as this should drain very quickly. This photo was taken 36+ hours after the storm.

This, again, is a photo taken a few weeks ago from the embankments just north of White Bridge looking towards South Farm road and the site of the old tip. Very much work in progress.

A similar view taken on Friday.

Behind the trucks are more inundated plant and equipment.

This is the view of South Farm road from White Bridge with a lot of floating detritus. The red and white objects are the barriers once used to fence off the road from the working areas.

This is the scene from the Lime Kiln car park looking down on the cricket pavilion. The water enclosed by the embankments reached such a depth that it overtopped them in many places to flow into the Otter. By Friday the level was only about 18 ins or so lower.

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