Feniton flood funding approved

Funding for flood prevention works at Feniton, costing nearly £4 million, has been secured after two years of waiting.


Sixty-six properties are at risk of flooding in the East Devon village, as is the main road which floods regularly.

The school has been evacuated on numerous occasions, because of concerns about children being able to get home safely.

Phases one and two of the Feniton Flood Alleviation Scheme were completed in 2015 and involved channel improvements downstream of Feniton.

Phase three and four needed further funding approval. Unexpected costs also arose with building an undertrack rail crossing and a new large pipe (culvert) system through Feniton.

The village has suffered regular flooding since the 1960s. Two of the largest flooding incidents happened in 2008 and 2012 and in the past two months alone it has flooded twice.

The new works include building large (culvert) pipes, more than one metre in diameter, from the top to the bottom of the village, providing a by-pass around the existing drainage network.

EDDC will now be working with Network Rail to find the next available date to close the railway and carry out an undertrack railway crossing, with the rest of the scheme following after that is complete.

Cllr Geoff Jung, EDDC’s portfolio holder for coast, country and environment, said: “All flood elevation schemes are difficult to deliver with complicated historic drainage systems, many land ownership issues and many funding and budget complications. I would like to thank ex-councillor Susie Bond who was the Feniton district councillor for many years until moving away last year who encouraged and championed this project almost none stop whilst she was a councillor. Finally, through her tenacity and drive the district council will finally deliver this scheme.”

EDDC’s Feniton ward councillor, Alasdair Bruce said:“Let’s hope this brings closer to and end the anguish and stress those in Feniton and the surrounding area have suffered for too long. The mental health issues associated with a flooding event cannot be overstated, it undermines the fundamental premise that your home is your castle as well as your sanctuary. Provided Network Rail now get on and deliver,  this woeful chapter can be consigned to the history of Feniton.”

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