Boris Johnson had to be told three times to put mask on during hospital visit

Rules are only for the “little” people – Owl

Boris Johnson had to be told three times before he finally followed rules and kept his face mask on for a hospital visit.

He was accused of “callous disregard” for the NHS after wandering around without one.

Susie Flintham of Covid-19 Families for Justice said: “ The PM was putting lives at risk completely unnecessarily by visiting a hospital and refusing to put his mask on, despite being repeatedly asked to.

“For him to make a point of posing for a photo without a mask is a slap in the face to bereaved families.”

Sources confirmed Hexham General Hospital chiefs emailed Johnson’s team before his visit to tell him masks must be worn in all areas.

They reminded him when he arrived, but he later took his off as he strolled along a corridor, sparking fury.

He was asked to put it back on again and complied. No10 had claimed he followed rules on face coverings.

But the hospital trust’s website says: “You must ensure that you wear your covering or mask throughout your visit.”

It added that the rules apply to everyone and all parts of the premises.

Ian Lavery, MP for the Wansbeck constituency in Northumberland, said: “People were astonished that the Prime Minister was bowling up the corridor of a hospital without a mask.

“This shows a callous disregard for patients, visitors and the fantastic workforce, who have been at the frontline throughout the pandemic.”

Hospital insiders had also claimed No10 had asked them not to comment to the press after the photograph of the Prime Minister not wearing a covering emerged.

Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust said it “apologised for any upset” after complaints from members of the public about the picture of maskless Johnson.

It added: “After the Prime Minister left a welcome meeting, he walked along a mezzanine corridor, for a very short period of time, without a mask.

“This brief moment was captured on camera. As soon as this was identified he was given a mask and he put it on. The Prime Minister did wear a mask for the majority of the visit.”

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