Open letter: East Devon MP should abandon his party

Exmouth Journal: Letter from Graham Hurley

This is an open letter to our MP, Simon Jupp. If it reads like a charge sheet, that’s probably because it is.

£37 billion spaffed on Track and Trace? One of the highest Covid death rates in Europe? Local farmers abandoned? Local fishermen sold down the river? Truck drivers a dying breed? Local government on its knees? International treaties torn up? Judicial review under attack? Ditto the BBC, Channel Four, and any other voice raised in protest? And now Downing Street’s blatant attempt to protect one of its own by changing the rules, only to toss him overboard when the going gets rough?

Simon, if you really love East Devon maybe now is the time to jump ship and cross the parliamentary aisle before the Fraud Squad – or the men in white coats – arrive outside the gates of Downing Street. For your sake, and ours, leave this bunch of chancers and incompetents to the fate they so richly deserve.