Neil, does this give you a clue how to vote this afternoon?

Since you seem to be having difficulty in setting your moral compass, not that Owl would normally recommend following this lot.

According to this latest report from the Guardian:

“Rees-Mogg will have to present the motion on Paterson on Tuesday, with an hour of debate due to follow about the former North Shropshire MP’s conduct. Unlike the motion the previous night that only needed one opponent to defeat it, a simple majority will be enough for it to pass.

It will be a free vote, meaning Tory MPs will not be whipped one way or the other, but they have been told that the chief whip, Mark Spencer, will be voting to endorse the Paterson report, which will put pressure on them to follow suit.

Rees-Mogg was one of the three senior figures – including Spencer and the prime minister – to originally push for Paterson to avoid suspension by overhauling the standards system, partly to introduce the power to appeal for MPs found guilty of wrongdoing.” 


Rees-Mogg says trying to spare Tory MP from suspension a ‘serious mistake’