And now to the House of Lords

“The Lords is as central as the Commons to the latest outbreak of “sleaze” headlines, something also highlighted by a prime ministerial spokesperson’s initial refusal to rule out smoothing the exit from the Commons of the disgraced MP Owen Paterson by making him a peer. The Lords element of the story, moreover, has an even clearer underlying plotline: the survival of a part of the British state that has long been absurd and corrupt – and the sense that, as our established institutions are constantly disrupted and disgraced, the public might at last be persuaded to support the idea of doing something about it.”

Fifteen of the last 16 Tory treasurers have been appointed to the Lords, all of whom have donated at least £3m to their party.

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The Lords is a scandal in plain sight. If we won’t abolish it now, then when?

John Harris