Caught red handed

From Unlock Democracy:

After an immense backlash, the Government has scrapped its plans to replace the independent watchdog that scrutinises and polices the behaviour of MPs.

But the Government’s attack on the elections watchdog continues.

The Elections Bill will end the independence of the Electoral Commission by letting the Government set the priorities for the Commission.

The Prime Minister admitted that he had ‘crashed the car’ with his handling of the Owen Paterson debacle.

With his attack on the Electoral Commission he’s driving it over the cliff.

We have written to the Prime Minister to point out the similarities and ask him to rethink the Elections Bill.

Will you add your name in support of our letter?

To maintain public confidence in our politics, we need effective and independent watchdogs that can keep the Government in check.

That’s why the Government’s plans to weaken the Electoral Commission, and more recently the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner, are dangerous.

We cannot let them dismantle the bodies that exist to protect our democracy.

Lord Evans, the Chair of the Committee on Standards in Public Life, has warned against the Government giving itself new powers over the Electoral Commission.

He said – “It is like giving a toddler a gun – it may not immediately lead to disaster, but it’s an extremely dangerous thing to do.”

That’s why we have written to the Prime Minister to ask him to ensure that the independence of the Electoral Commission is maintained.

If you agree, please add your name in support of our letter today.

Best wishes,

Tom Brake

Director, Unlock Democracy

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