Three people evicted from women’s loo, Seaton

Three rough sleeper’s have been evicted from a women’s public toilet in Seaton.

Anita Merritt

East Devon District Council has confirmed an eviction notice was put on the outside door of the public toilet in West Walk after three ‘heavy drinkers’ were reported to have been causing a disturbance and people were being prevented from being able to use the toilet.

The council said help was offered to three individuals but they did not want to take up the offer of support.

The notice states: “The land is in private ownership and persons in unauthorised occupation of it are advised that they are required to vacate the land by Tuesday, November 2, at 9.30am.

“Failing this, legal proceedings will be taken to gain possession and a certified bailiff will be instructed to remove all vehicles, unauthorised personal belongings and persons from the land.

“These will be stored and kept for seven days from the date of the notice.”

The notice, signed on November 1, also offered a contact number for housing support.

A spokesperson for East Devon District Council said: “The eviction notice is from last month. Housing engaged with the rough sleepers on a few occasions to offer assistance, but they refused to engage.

“It was a group of three heavy drinkers, who were causing a disturbance to members of the public, and blocking access to the toilet.

“We instructed Devon Investigations to evict them after carrying out all of the appropriate welfare checks. The sign will be removed as soon as possible to avoid any further confusion.”