Some light relief: Short Stories and Tall Tales

Local author Philip Algar  15th book has just been published. It is a collection of short stories which, hopefully, can remind readers what our world and lives used to be before the damaging and cruel challenges of Covid.

He has ignored Covid-related restrictions to travel back in time and abroad to write a collection of short stories. He reveals what happens to a cabinet minister to whom truth is an alien concept. How did three schoolboys play a surprising role in the Second World War? What happened to the young man and the girl with a suede coat? How did following his newspaper’s advice change a sausage maker’s life and what did an employee tell senior management at his retirement function?

Some tales poke fun at big business, the media and politics and all offer an imaginative escape from today’s news.

The book is available from The Curious Otter Bookshop in Mill Street, Ottery and from Amazon.

Contact: Philip Algar on 01404 814157 or