Tory MP Attacks Chris Whitty As ‘Unelected Spokesperson’ In ‘Socialist State’

With Boris Johnson equivocating on giving clear guidance the public seems to be heeding the advice being given the CMO. 

Wes Streeting, the shadow health secretary, said the Prime Minister needed  “to take on the swivel-eyed tendency in the Tory Party, but he’s too weak”. 

Since 1850 the Chief Medical Officer has been giving advice to the general public – it’s his/her job! – Owl

Alexandra Rogers 

A Tory MP has launched an attack on chief medical officer Chris Whitty, calling him an “unelected covid public health official” who should “defer” to parliament and the prime minister.

Joy Morrissey, the MP for Beaconsfield since 2010, made the comments in response to a tweet from Times journalist Steven Swinford who highlighted the difference in messaging between Boris Johnson and Whitty over socialising during the Christmas period.

In her tweet — which has since been deleted — Morrissey said: “Perhaps the unelected covid public health spokesperson should defer to what our ELECTED Members of Parliament and the Prime Minister have decided.

“I know it’s difficult to remember but that’s how democracy works. This is not a public health socialist state.”

Joy Morrissey's now-deleted tweet

Joy Morrissey’s now-deleted tweet


Her tweet appeared to be criticised by MPs on her own side, including former chief whip Julian Smith, who said “personal attacks by any politician on members of the civil service are completely unacceptable”.

In a reply to Morrissey, writer James Felton said: “His job is to present the scientific view and what’s best for public health, not repeat what Boris Johnson said because he can’t keep his own MPs on board with basic health measures.”

The Labour Party’s south east branch said Morrissey should “focus her attention” on the actions of the chancellor “instead of attacking public health officials”.

Fellow Tory MP and health minister Gillian Keegan defended the government from accusations of mixed messaging on Thursday morning, as commentators pointed out that while the PM told people not to cancel social events, Whitty suggested they “prioritise” those that were most important to them.

Keegan denied Johnson was at odds with Whitty, arguing that they were “both basically saying the same thing”.

“What they were saying was prioritise, because obviously the more contacts you have, the more chance you have of testing positive, and that would mean that you’d be isolated on Christmas Day,” she told Times Radio.

“Obviously if you want to have a family Christmas, then be cautious, otherwise you could end up testing positive and having to isolate over Christmas. That’s the message.”

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  1. If a tsunami of Covid infection is heading your way and you want some advice about your best chance of staying healthy, would you listen to a medical expert who you’d think would barely be able to walk for the sheer weight of qualifications, accomplishments and accolades in medicine, epidemiology, economics and heaven knows what else, or would you ask someone like Joy Morrison MP, who (as far as anyone can tell) is an idiot. There are up to 100 Tory MPs who have had trouble working this one out.


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