Led by Donkeys plays partygate “evidence” on big screen to Scotland Yard

From led by Donkeys

Hello friends,

While most of us obeyed the rules and made sacrifices last winter, Boris Johnson’s Downing Street was holding raucous law-breaking parties. It’s an open and shut case, but the Metropolitan Police is refusing to investigate. The Met says there is an “absence of evidence.” That’s an absurd claim to make, so we took the evidence direct to Scotland Yard on a giant TV screen – with a voiceover that a lot of people found familiar.

There’s a blizzard of speculation about whether it’s the Superintendent Ted Hastings from Line of Duty. For operational reasons we can neither confirm nor deny it.

But that didn’t stop the Daily Star putting our protest on the front page this morning:

While GMB ran the film at 7am on national television:

The film has been shared over 150,000 times and viewed more than 8 million times across social media. Last night the Met put out a defensive statement which we think shows they’re under real pressure to reverse their absurd position.

As ‘Ted’ says, “Our leaders partied while families were separated and our citizens died in their thousands. Who exactly does the Metropolitan Police work for ma’am? Our citizens, or Boris Johnson?”

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Ben, James, Olly & Will x